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YouTube for Real Estate Agents (2021 Edition)

Did you know YouTube is one of the best places for real estate agents and brokers to build their brand and generate leads? In this week’s video I share three big tips to making the most out of YouTube for real estate agents, plus I have an important bonus tip at the end! 

Tip #1: Update and optimize your YouTube channel. Set up a free YouTube account with Google – here is a simple tutorial if needed! If you already have a YouTube channel makes sure you optimize your profile. Update your cover photo – use Canva to create an eye-catching cover consistent with your brand. Look at your About section and make sure you are listing where you work, your market area, city, state, website, links, social media handles and more! Lasty, for all of your videos – have a detailed description for each video! 

Remember – YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world! 

Tip #2 Create your video plan. Get yourself into a weekly routine and put together an editorial calendar. Not sure what should go on the calendar? What are all the questions you get asked all the time? Make a list and this is a great place to start. Get organized using Google Spreadsheets and batch record your content to save you time! Have a plan for when you going to publish, and get yourself into a routine. Lastly – tell people about your show! 

Tip 3: Create your distribution plan. You have to tell people about your videos. Use your other social media channels to drive traffic to your channels. Here is an example of how we do this on Instagram – this is a one-minute video promoting a longer video on YouTube.

BONUS: Send your YouTube videos out to your email database weekly! If you are sending out weekly or monthly email newsletters, include a few links to your recent YouTube videos to drive traffic. Remember, social media is rented ground, but an email list goes with you wherever you go! 

Lastly, don’t forget, success with YouTube is a marathon not a sprint. And of course – done is better than perfect. Start today!  

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