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YouTube Do’s and Don’ts for Real Estate Agents 2021

Did you know there are a few key things real estate agents can do to maximize YouTube and generate leads? In this video, I share some of the biggest do’s and don’ts that real estate professionals should consider when creating their YouTube strategy. Make sure to watch the video to the end to hear my two big bonus tips! 


Publish consistently. Consistent effort + consistent reward. Pick a day and stick to it!  

Post a mix of timely and timeless content. Include listings, market data videos that are timely but also build your content library by adding in evergreen (timeless) video content. For example, you could create videos about:  How to find a lender, biggest tips for first time home buyers, how long should I rent before I should buy, how to find a Realtor and more! The key here is to build your authority and content library! 

Respond to comments quickly. Set a calendar reminder to check your comments on YouTube at least once per week. Also, block and delete spammers! 


Ignore YouTube. Remember, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and should not be ignored! The key to YouTube is consistent effort and time. It’s a marathon not a sprint! This is how you attract business vs. chasing leads! 

Post and run. Get a plan together for when you will post and how often. Add it to your calendar and make a plan. Also, make sure you are driving traffic to your videos through other resources – share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – wherever you are at! Here is an example of how we did this recently. Here is a recent YouTube video we published and here is a shortened video we published on Instagram.

Forget to include a detailed description (and a good headline!) It’s important to list things like: Where do you work? Market area? City? State? Also, make sure to include your contact info! For descriptions, think about what the video is about, add a detailed description plus links where people can contact you.  

BONUS #1: Don’t forget to share your videos outside of YouTube especially to your email database. The first hour is the magic hour! 

Bonus #2: Have a BONUS at the end of your videos as incentive for people to watch to the END! This helps with watch time! 

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