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You Write Your Own Journey | Interview with Jen Sylvester

Have you ever wondered how a solo real estate agent can make the time to create video consistently that will help them grow their business? In this #GetSocialSmart Spotlight interview, I interviewed RE/MAX Realtor Jen Sylvester about how she has created a smart system and integrated into her business and is generating high quality leads from her video marketing!

Jen has been a licensed Realtor since 1996 and joined RE/MAX in 2004. Over the past 25 years, she has helped over 600 families move in and out of the Plymouth, Massachusetts area. She has a passion for video and technology and loves discovering new ways to better serve her clients and be more efficient and innovative in her business. She lives in Plymouth with her beautiful daughters Kaitlin and Chloe and is a devoted band, softball, and comic-con mom. In her free time, she does her best to impersonate someone who knows how to golf. 

Jen is such a delight and has so much great advice to share. I know you will enjoy this interview! 

Lessons learned from Jen:

  • Getting organized and having a system is key.
  • The quality of leads you can receive through video content are so much better. There is so much more ‘weight’ to that kind of lead.
  • We are all on different chapters – don’t compare your journey to others. You are who you are. Don’t try to be someone else!
  • Batching content is huge as well as balancing your content.
  • Jen uses Google Sheets and Trello to stay organized.
  • Time-blocking is key! Jen blocks time each Wednesday to do research for her videos, recording, outlining or editing. Breaking the process into chunks is the way to make it manageable. 
  • Be comfortable in your own skin! 
  • Jen is grateful as a parent and self-employed. She didn’t miss anything and had time to help out. 
  • Tenacity and patience are key for new agents! Get a coach and a mentor. Start creating video – start with FaceTime to get comfortable with it.
  • Wonder Woman is where it’s at! 
  • Never forget – you write your own journey – you are on the right path!

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