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What to Post on YouTube for Real Estate Pros to Generate Leads

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In this video, I’m going to share a few of the most important things you can post on YouTube. If you’re in real estate and you want to generate leads.

Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, the Get Social Smart Academy and author of the book. Get Social Smart it’s episode 231 of the Get Social Smart show. And today I’m fired up to talk about YouTube, especially when it comes to lead generation. Now, if you are watching over on YouTube, we would love for you to hit the bell button and the subscribe button, because we have new videos that come out each and every month. And I would actually encourage you to go back to the last few videos, because this month we are doing a ton of training all about YouTube, and it’s really going to help you set the set the stage, set the scene for everything we’re talking about today, when it comes to YouTube and lead generation. Okay? So let’s dive in. What are some of the best types of content you can post on YouTube that is not going to cost you a whole lot of money.

We’re not going to talk about YouTube ads. We’re going to talk about how to be really efficient when it comes to our content. All right, let’s get into the show idea. Number one, community. It’s really important when you think about putting videos up on YouTube, but some of your video content be about your local city, your local area. Why do you love your city? Why do you love your town? If someone was moving to your town or your city, what do people need to know? Now? I know a lot of times when we think about that, we think, well, I don’t want to alienate anybody. You know, I serve a wide market, but I can tell you from experience that when you really kind of lean into a specific market, a specific city, a specific niche, the leads you get are going to be so much better.

So I want you to think about your local area. If you’re in Florida, if you’re in Orlando, you should have a video that says moving to Orlando, this is what you need to know, moving to Tampa. This is what you need to know. Right. So think of your specific market area and think about in your content mix, putting out relevant content about your local community. Now some of that video is going to be fairly timeless, right? What are some of the best reasons to move to your area? You know, uh, what is the difference between this market area versus this market area? Then there’s also going to be things that are community related that are somewhat, uh, you know, timely. So it might be things like where you’re highlighting a local business, your favorite, you know, a barbershop or your favorite coffee shop. And you know, one of the things I love most about agents is you guys know your local town in your local community, better than anybody.

And so what a great opportunity to interview some of those local business owners, either in person or maybe through zoom and that type of local content is really going to cement you as that local leader in your specific area. So community content super important tip number two is educational content. So educational content should be the second big pillar of content that you’re posting over on YouTube. You’ve got your community, right? What it feels like to, to move to your area, what, why your city is so great, that’s important, but the next level is answering questions. You get asked all the time and I would invite you to think about what are the questions you get asked all the time, think about who you work with over the last six to 12 months, make a list of those questions, those things, where you think to yourself, if I could ask this one more time, guess what?

That’s a great piece of content, right? So think about those questions. You get asked all the time, things like who pays for what, how to find the lender. Is it a good time for me to put my house on the market? Why should I pay for a stager? All these things that we get asked, those are great pieces of content. And what that does is that really cements you as that expert in your local market area. So what happens on YouTube because YouTube is a search engine. It’s the second largest search engine in the world when people are looking for a local realtor or when they are thinking of moving to a specific area, right? Maybe you’ve got some folks who are relocating or they’re just, you know, they’re thinking about, they’re not even at the stage where they’re ready to call anybody. What do they do?

They go to Google or they go to YouTube and they’re going to look first, most likely at your community content, right? What does that local neighborhoods feel like? What do you know, what do we need to know about your local area? But then when you also have educational content about you as a real estate professional, and you’re serving your audience, it’s less about you and more about your audience. And you’re sharing really helpful information around buying, selling, relocating, maybe even home improvement, things like that. That is the balance, right? And that really showcases to prospects that you know, what you’re talking about. And those leads by the way, are some of the best leads. You know, what happens is when people start watching your videos, one of the ways to generate leads on YouTube is to put out that really helpful, relevant content. And you won’t even realize it.

People will be on Google at the end, YouTube, they’ll come across your video. And they will really resonate with you. They’ll resonate with your personality and who you are, and then they might even binge watch many of your videos. I have this happen all the time. People will reach out and they’ll say, Katie, I just binge watched the last, you know, eight videos that you did. And they’ll say things like, I feel like I know you. And that’s the difference between attracting business versus chasing leads. And this is one of the best ways to generate leads through YouTube is by putting out relevant community content, as well as educational content. So what’s the third piece of content you should focus on for YouTube. That would be your listings. So listing videos are key. And I know a lot of you are already putting out listing content, which is great.

Some of you might be working with local professionals and professional videographers, which is awesome. If you don’t have a big budget, you might be doing it yourself, which is fine. You might be doing some Facebook lives, which you can download and then put over on YouTube. You can also take your phone or your camera and, and video, you know, a few different clips of a home, you know, maybe do a quick video of the kitchen in the backyard. And then you might use an app like, um, Videolicious or video shop or in shot. These are some of my favorite apps that I absolutely love to edit video. Now, the reason why listing videos are really powerful is because guess who shares that listing video, you and your clients, right? When you put out a great listing video, your clients, they’re so proud of their home, they’re going to share it with their friends and family.

They’re going to email it. They’re going to post it on Facebook, right? And so that’s kind of the third piece of the pillar when it comes to generating leads through YouTube. Now I know there’s a lot you can do with YouTube ads and things like that. But what we’re talking about in this video is how can you do this organically? Now, one other quick thing, I would say, when it comes to generating leads on YouTube, you gotta be patient. You gotta be patient and you gotta be consistent just because you put up a bunch of videos right now doesn’t equal a lot of leads tomorrow. Consistency is the name of the game. And if you look at some of the previous videos we did recently this month, the month about YouTube, we talk about things like, how do you consistently put out videos each and every week?

How do you batch create your content? How do you put together an editorial calendar and how do you generate more views, subscribers and things like that. So if you’re curious at all about all the other stuff makes you check out our other videos on our channel, I would also encourage you to download our YouTube workbook. We recently updated our YouTube workbook, which is chock full of lead generation ideas, content ideas, do’s. And don’ts whether you are a beginner with you too, or you are more advanced and you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel. So go to Katie, forward slash YouTube workbook, download that, check it out. And I would love to hear from you. Are you active on YouTube? Let me know in the, in the comments below yes or no. And if you have a YouTube channel drop the link to your YouTube channel below, I would absolutely love to check it out. All right, guys, let’s go after it. There are so many big opportunities when it comes to YouTube. That is where it’s at. Alright my friends, until next time, see you soon.


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