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What Should Real Estate Agents Post to Facebook in 2022?

Wondering what is the most effective type of content to post to Facebook in 2022 if you are a real estate agent? I have you covered!

Idea #1: Informative content
This type of content can be educational around real estate, moving, buying and selling real estate, and much more. Think about all the questions you get asked all the time and those can be great pieces of content that you create.

Ideally, this type of content will be created as a video or Facebook live to generate the maximum reach on Facebook without spending a whole lot of money. As a side note, when you create videos around these types of timeless topics, you can repost and re-share this content using Facebook Creator Studio.

Idea #2: Inspirational content
Inspirational content is a quick and easy type of content to post. I love creating inspirational content using the wordswag app on my phone. I highly recommend when you post inspirational content that it be meaningful and from the heart. When you’re posting, add some flavor in your caption!

Idea #3: Fun content
Ideally, the best type of fun content is self-deprecating humor! Turn the joke on yourself! Be on the lookout for fun things that happened throughout the day… These are often things we can’t plan ahead for or schedule but showcasing our humanity and having fun with our content make a big difference.

Idea #4: Community content
Real estate agents know more about their community than just about anyone else. This is a great opportunity to highlight local businesses, local leaders, and other folks inside of your community. Who can you shine the light on?

Idea #5: Promotional content
Lastly, this is a type of content to promote your business. This is where you will post under contract, just listed or just sold, testimonials or open houses. It’s crucial that not all of your content on Facebook be promotional, but it is important for social proof and your overall content mix.

I’d love to hear from you! What type of content are you posting on Facebook? Leave me a comment on the video!

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