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Welcome. I’m so excited to be here with you guys today, live on Facebook Live. My name’s Katie Lance, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, and the Get Social Smart Academy and I am so excited to be here with one of my dear friends. She is a rock star Realtor. She’s out of New Jersey. She’s a long-time Academy member. Betti Russo is in the house. Welcome Betti!

Katie, thank you for that introduction. I’m so happy to be here. This is fun for me and exciting. Anytime with you is a good time. Thank you so much for having me.

Absolutely. We are going to have a fun conversation here today. We are going to talk all about video marketing and we’re going to talk about content and distribution. Betty reached out to me probably a couple of weeks ago saying, “Hey, I would love to talk about this and my process if you’re open to it.” And I was like, “heck yeah!” of course I am. That would be awesome. So we are going to really do a deep dive today. But before we do that, I just want to make sure that you guys can all hear us okay. And see us. It looks like we are live, which is great when technology is working. So if you’re watching live, will you say hi below, comment below, let us know where you’re tuning in from. We would absolutely love to connect with you guys.

So like I said, we’re talking all about video marketing and talking about content creation. We’re talking about distribution. And one of the reasons why we are doing this today is we have a bootcamp that is coming up in just a few days. And I know a lot of you already signed up for it. If you have not signed up for it yet, we would absolutely love for you to sign up for it. Because what Betti’s going to talk about today is exactly what she learned in our bootcamp and our masterminds that we’ve done over the years. And because Betti’s in the trenches and doing it, I thought, well, no better person to talk about it than Betti herself. So let’s get into it. Are you ready, Betti? To talk about this?

I’m ready. Betti is ready.

I honestly love it. So our focus today is talking about video marketing, content creation, distribution, and we’ve broken it down into kind of four big areas. And the first area really starts with planning out the whole year. Right. And I teach this in our bootcamp and it’s a little daunting to say, oh my gosh, I’m going to make a 12 month plan. Like, that sounds crazy. Like, I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tonight, let alone an annual plan, but I want to start there and then we’ll break it into other categories, like content and distribution, all that good stuff. So, Betti, what are your thoughts on planning for the year? Maybe you can share some tips or some ways that you’ve thought about it.

Yeah, of course. So planning for the year. Like Katie said, it, it might sound daunting, but honestly it’s probably one of the best things that I do for my year. I actually already have my content planned for 2022 as we speak. And you know, I never did this before coming to your mastermind a few years ago, Katie and ever since then, I’ve done this and it is so helpful because when I go, you know, every month to batch create my video content, I already have my topics in place. And it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. And over time it evolves, you know, the first year, I didn’t know what to talk about. I used a lot of your ideas and as time goes on, I found myself tweaking it and talking more about, more deeply about what I know and what I can teach other people.

So it’s great. It’s great. I sit down every year in October, I pull out a new calendar, so to speak. I do it online. I do everything on my computer. I am not a paper person, even though I have notes on paper. So I pull out that calendar and I actually make a spreadsheet and I have all the weeks numbered week numbered 1, 2, 3, the dates that it’s publishing, and the month of course. I have it actually separated by month because I batch create a month. That is time. And I have all of my topics in there. So the first year it was kind of random. The second year I started following a theme, a monthly theme. I’ve done it where every single month I talk about buyers, sellers, the market, local business updates.

So I would plug one of those into every month repeating the content, but obviously different content, just repeating the ideas. So, it’s actually, it really is easier than you think. And it’s so helpful as you go into the year, you just know what you’re going to talk about, and you can tweak that as time goes on. So, you know, you may get to a month where you’re like, I don’t want to talk about that anymore, or something’s going on. I really want to talk about this, you know, make it so it’s so helpful.

Well, and you make a really good point. Just setting some time to plan out the year ahead. And we’re doing this live at the end of October. It’s one of the reasons why we’re doing our bootcamp in a few days. I’m sure Betti has gotten kind of in the habit of doing this because I’ve seen you do this the last probably three years since I really know anywhere you sit down and you map out your 12 month plan and it wouldn’t even say that it’s very, I don’t know how the right word would be gratifying is the right word to be able to like in November, say, okay, I’ve got it mapped out. Like I know the plan for next year. It’s a split second probably would. I mean, for me it takes like a weight off my shoulders.

I actually look forward to the day that I’m going to sit down and create my plan for next year. It’s it’s so exciting. It’s so exciting.

And then it gets easier every time you do it. Right.

Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.

So you sit down, you map it out. And one of the things we teach in the bootcamp is, I mean, we keep it pretty simple. We use a Google sheet to just organize, you know, you can use a spreadsheet to kind of map, map it all out. Are you, is that what you’re using style? Have you used like a,

And I have to tell you, what I do was not built in a day. This is the three years in the making. So don’t be overwhelmed, just, you know, if you want to do this, just get started somewhere, just get started with what you have and go from there. I mean, later when we get into the distribution of it, you know, I completely followed your lead on that, Katie. Um, and I, and I did what I could at the time and then kept building on. So don’t be intimidated by anything that we’re going to say today. It’s, uh, it’s all doable if I could do it. And I was very green at all of this. When I started, uh, video marketing, I was afraid to get in front of my own camera. It was just something in the camera. And then, you know, I would have never have gotten on a Facebook live with you Katie three years ago. In fact, challenged me to my first Facebook live. So we’ll just start somewhere and get it done. And before you know it, you know, you’re rolling and it’s feeling good. So

It’s, it’s so true. It’s so true. I want to give a shout out to a few people. I can see, uh, Sarah mayors here. She’s one of our academy folks from New Zealand, which is awesome. We don’t always get our New Zealand folks to be able to tune in live with time zone differences. I’m excited to, uh, to see you here today, if you guys just joined us, say hi, comment below, let us know where you’re, where you’re tuning in from. So the first part like you said, is, is kind of mapping it all out, right? It’s sitting down and mapping out a, a 12 month content calendar, really. And you know, part of this, I will say, just to take a step back is I’m a big believer in the fact that social media is rented ground, right? We don’t own it. And so part of this is, is getting into this habit of creating content that you own no matter what, right?

So if Instagram is down or Facebook goes away or YouTube explodes or whatever, like you’re good, right? You’ve got your like library of content. It’s like your email database. Like it goes with you wherever you’re at. Right. Um, so that’s a, that’s a big part of it. And then the next part really kind of goes into like, okay, well, like what does that look like logistically? Right? So Betty, you created this like plan, but if you don’t make the time to make it happen, it’s probably not going to happen each month. Right. Right. So let’s get into that part and I could see more folks joining, which is awesome. So welcome. Welcome. Hello, Lindsay. Good to see you. Hello, Sandy. So let’s kind of talk about that. How do you do that every month? You set aside time to, to batch your content. Um, do you do it kind of throughout the month? Like tell me your process.

I just want to go back to the annual plan just really quick. Why come up with a topics annually, but I don’t come up with the exact content for each of those topics. I do that monthly.

Okay. That’s a good distinction. So you come up with the topics yearly and then you really kind of go into like the meat and potatoes of it monthly.

Yeah, absolutely. So I picked one day per week where I, Sarah, I’m excited. Thank you. I picked up, I picked out one day per week where I dedicate to video. I used to call it video day. It’s kind of like content day now because I put, put a whole bunch of other things in there. Um, and it’s Wednesday, Wednesday works for me. So I’m on Wednesday on Wednesdays. I not only distribute my videos in a lot of different ways that we’ll talk about later, but I also am creating the content. So I take the whole day for Wednesday. Um, I used to, and sometimes I still do video on different days during the week. It depends on, uh, what I’m talking about. Am I out on location? Am I interviewing someone? Um, is it a new topic? Is it something, uh, you know, that requires more, more of my time.

I’d like to batch record everything in one day. It doesn’t always happen. My goal is for it to happen. And I used to do it on a different day, other than Wednesday. Now I’m starting to build that into Wednesday also. So it, on a Wednesday morning, I’ll get up and I’ll start distributing, scheduling my content for that day and for the whole following week. And then by the end of the day, I’m planning what I’m going to talk about in next month’s videos. And every now and every, every once a month on a Wednesday sitting down and actually recording.

So you take a whole day to do a lot of different chunks of it.

Yes, absolutely. I do that. And again, just now starting to incorporate those other pieces into my Wednesday in the past, I didn’t do it, but I’m finding that as you do this longer and longer, you know, like, you know what, like clockwork, so the actual, um, you know, posting and scheduling is a lot faster for me than it used to be. So I’m finding more time to be able to build those other parts in on my Wednesdays. So it’s great. I don’t look anything for Wednesday. Wednesday is my day for this and I don’t book appointments on Wednesday. Um, you know, uh, you know, if I had closing or something and it needed my attention, I would find a way to be there. But for the most part, Wednesdays are blocked and this is what I do.

And that is such a small thing. But I think it’s a really a huge thing because, and I actually talked about this this morning, I was doing a webinar and I was saying like, if it’s not on your calendar, I don’t know about you. It just doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist. And not only on your calendar, but it can’t, it has to be as important as any other appointment. Right. I mean, I have, I have made the mistake in the past where I was like, oh, I was supposed to batch today, but I’ll, I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll do that a different day. And you know, and everyone’s, you know, it might work sometimes, but really for the most part, it’s like, you’ve got to treat it like an appointment, you know? Um, because there’s never a good time. I mean, honestly, even I’ve been doing this for years and there’s still times where I’m like, I got to do video today, you know, but then, and I’m sure you can speak to this when we get to the distribution part. Like, is it so gratifying when you get to that next month? And you’re just like, boom, like, you’re just like distributing your content because it’s already been created. You’re know you’re not going, like, what am I going to post on Wednesday? You know, because you did your video.

Exactly, exactly. So, you know, I do take my video now and I break it down into different formats. Um, not video formats, like, you know, I’ll do, you know, different types of posts with information from my videos. Um, and you know, sometimes I create that on Wednesdays instead of batch creating that part of it. Because a lot of times I have things that I want to say right now, based on what I’m thinking in the moment. Um, you know, so I’ll, I’ll take something apart right now and then I’ll schedule that out for whatever day during the week. So I’m not really batch, creating all of that, but my videos, I definitely am. Yeah, absolutely.

So is your content for the month, is it in sync with like the season or the market or is it kind of a variety of stuff that’s in season, but also kind of like evergreen or timeless?

So it’s a nice mixture of all of that. Um, I do like to talk about things that are seasonal. Um, you know, in the beginning of the year I talk about, you know, the new market and what’s coming up and what sellers need to do now to prepare for spring, you know, and what buyers need to do like in advance of, you know, starting their home search, because it’s crazy as the market has been, let’s face it come like December, the dead of winter things are a little slower. So like now is the time to get people to start preparing for, for what’s ahead. So I do that in the summer. I like to talk about fun things to do in the summer, you know, in the fall I’d like to get into the wineries, maybe. So I do, I do like to be seasonal and you know, sometimes it’s just general information about what’s going on in the market. So recently I had a gap, um, what I had originally planned on recording about, I completely changed my mind and I said, you know what? I want to talk about appraisals because right now appraisals are a big thing because you know, of everything, uh, selling. So, so far over listing price, um, I wanted to talk about, you know, mortgages and, and the supposedly rising rates that are coming. You know, those are hot topics right now. So it really depends on what’s going on.

I would love to just ask you, okay, so you, and by the way, if you just joined us late, we’re talking to Betty Russo who is a long time academy member, an awesome realtor up in New Jersey. I say up, cause I’m out in San Francisco area. So you map out your 12 month plan. You’ve got it all mapped out. You set aside Wednesdays, you’re like, this is my day. I’m not booking anything else unless it’s an emergency. So then what, like how do you kind of frame out what you’re going to say on the videos? Like, do you make some notes? Do you use a teleprompter? Do you just kind of think about it in your head and just go for it? Because I think, I feel like that part of it, a lot of people are like, especially lately you’ve done video. Maybe you haven’t done video, but just be curious, kind of your process about that part of it,

That part of it. Yeah. So what I do is I look at my month in my annual plan of topics and I look at each topic and first I decide, you know, am I still talking about this topic? Do I need to change something? And then I go into that topic and I really dig deep, like, okay, what exactly do I want to say about this topic? Um, sometimes I need to do a little bit of research depending on what I’m talking about. Um, you know, recently, uh, actually for the month of November, I’m talking a lot about, um, non-profit organizations. Now that’s a topic that I know the organizations, but I don’t know the little details. So I need some time to, to research. And, and I do put all of this in my notes and truth be told. Um, when I first started doing video, Cindy

Told them when I first started doing video, I did not use any notes at all. I was trying to memorize every everything. And I was like, wait a minute, this is not working. I can’t memorize all this stuff. Um, I would just face the camera away from me. Um, I should say face the phone away from me, the camera lens towards me, and I would just talk and it was great. But then I found there were times where I needed a little help from a teleprompter in the situation where I don’t really know the topic, as well as me talking about home buyers or sellers, you know, uh, you know, so I, I do use teleprompter sometimes. Um, it is a topic that I am very fluent in. I don’t need to use a teleprompter. That’s good. But yeah, I sit down, I gather my notes. If I need a teleprompter, I write the script. You know, what I do after my video is on recorded and ready to go is a use of so that I can get captions. And I also get the transcriptions. I turn this into a blog also that I throughout the week. So, uh, yeah, it’s, it’s a process. It’s a repeatable process. I do the same exact thing every Wednesday. Um, just a little different, depending on the topic.

I love that. And I put that on the screen there, I’ve used rev for years. I’m not affiliated with them, but they’re great for captions. Um, getting your videos transcribed, that’s huge, you know, uh, for blog posts, it’s also good for SEO. I’m not an SEO person, but you know, I was talking to the person who manages our website and they’re like, you know, when you transcribe each one of your videos, that’s like hundreds or thousands of words you’re adding to your website, which just helps your website get found by more and more people. So I was like, okay, that, that sounds like a smart idea.

So I prep is great for that and I love that you mentioned teleprompter. There’s a really good app I’ve used before. Um, I don’t know if you use this. It’s called, I think it’s just called teleprompter app. I think it’d be okay. Yeah. What’s nice. Is it like shows up on your, like right near your camera, right? Like, because I, I, a lot of them, they see people trying to read and they’re like, hi, I’m, so-and-so like, you can tell they’re not, if you’re not looking at the camera. So yeah. I’m going to try to find that, that Lincoln and put that in the chat because that’s a great one.

Yeah, it is a good one. It is a good one. I mean, I definitely like to be, you know, off the script as much as I possibly can, but you know, sometimes I just feel it’s very helpful and to get my message across cleaner and quicker than, you know, trying to remember everything that I have to remember and let’s face it. I mean, when I do the research, I am ingesting the information, but I want to make sure that, um, I’m not forgetting anything. So in those cases, the teleprompter is definitely helpful.

That’s awesome. I would be curious those of you watching live, um, if you’ve ever used a teleprompter or if you’ve ever used a teleprompter app, let me know in the chat. Yes or no. There’s no really right or wrong answer. I’m just curious if any of you have used them. It’s one of those things where it’s, it’s a little tricky. Like the first time you use it, I was like, whoa, that’s going way too fast. You have to like, slow it down. And then it’s like too slow. You gotta speed it up a little bit. So, uh, yeah. Would just be curious. And if you were watching, let us know in the chat, so you’ve mapped out your plan. You have, you’ve sat down, you thought about what you’re going to talk about research a little bit, you know, one thing you, you mentioned as we, before we chatted, uh, you’d sent me some, some thoughts ahead of time. You said, how do I get a catchy title?

And sometimes we struggle with that. It’s like, well, I know what I want to talk about, but like, what’s actually, what are people going to click on? How is that? So what do you do to kind of think about like, what does the title need to be?

So it’s interesting because this is something that I did not do right off the bat, because right from the beginning, I just wanted to start doing my videos and getting them out there. You know, so little by little, I started tweaking and getting better. Um, and this is one of the things that I thought was really important, um, to have a catchy title because, you know, you want people to find it when they search. Yeah. So very simple. I mean, I go on YouTube cause I have, I do have a YouTube channel. Um, so I want to see what other people are posting on YouTube. So I come up with what I think would be a good title and I plugged that in YouTube and I see what comes up or I go in and I type in some of the keywords that should be in my title onto YouTube. And I see what comes up right there in the search bar. I Google it also to see what comes up, you know, uh, staging for luxury homes. Um, has anybody spoken about that before? How many kids do they get? You know, how can I change the wording to appeal to more people? I definitely don’t want to use something that somebody else has used. Right. You know, you can kind of get the drift of what it should be just by seeing what people are searching for.

Yeah. That’s great. That’s great. I have done that more this year, I think, than ever before. And it’s, Google’s free. YouTube is free. Yeah. Just, you know, if you have an idea, plug it in and you’ll see what, what other content are people creating? You know, you’ll get some ideas in terms of titles and a catchy title is key. For sure.

Yeah. The funny thing is too, you can put a title in that you think it should be, and it doesn’t come up in a search at all. And you’re like, oh my God, nobody’s looking for this.

So we’ve talked about planning. We talked about content creation, getting a catchy title before we kind of move on to the like monthly batch recording and distribution. Um, I wanted to just ask you really quick about repurposing because you say that you do that, and I know you do that with Canva and other tools. Can you talk a little bit about repurposing? That’s a word I talk about all the time, but sometimes I think it’s confusing for people like, well, what does that actually mean? So we’d love for you to kind of talk about what it means to you.

Yeah. So my video, I do one video per week and it’s broken down into different formats based on the different platforms that I post to. So I have a full, a full video. I have a snippet for Instagram. I have an IGTV, um, version and I have a LinkedIn version. Um, well actually my LinkedIn version is my full video usually, unless my full video is an interview and it goes a little bit longer than I need a separate LinkedIn version. And what else do I have? Um, gosh, all of that is done by, I have helped with that. So I do the video. I have a video editor that breaks my video down for me in, in, in those ways for the different video platforms, everything else I’m doing. So I take that video and I look at my topics. Now, this is something that I started doing within the last year. I look at the topic of the video and I have that broken down into the different bullet points that I’m talking about in the video. So I, I started using canvas for this. So I’ll do like quick tips and I take tips from the video and I create Canva graphics with those tips. And Katie, I’m sure that I saw you doing this online and I probably copied you.

Anyway. Yeah. So that’s great for that. And I would love to hear from you guys that are watching live, if you, if you use Canva or not, you know, let us know in the chat. Yes or no. If you use Canva I imagine there’s probably a lot of Canva fans out there. It’s, uh, it’s a great tool. Like you said, to take, especially video content, and I’ve seen you do this. It’s like you did this in a video three weeks ago. Like why not take some of that content and turn it into a graphic, you know, in Canva.

Yeah. I love it. I have to tell you, initially you introduced me to Canva at our first mastermind and I was like, hell no, this is like so confusing to me. And I’m like, I have no clue how to even do this, but when you start playing with Canva, it’s amazing. I’m so Canva addicted. I love it. And it’s so much easier than it seems at first. Give it some time. And I absolutely love Canva. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Yeah. So I’ll take those graphics that I create for my tips that I’ve gotten right out of my video and I will create a carousel post with that. I’ll put that into my Instagram stories. Um, I also do like, I love inspirational quotes and just recently I started trying to, well, I always do the inspirational quote, like in the moment, cause it’s like, how am I feeling today? What do I want to say?

I do post them. I do schedule them to post on a later day. They don’t post on Wednesday. They post that on Monday. I’m following week. Yeah. But I do that based on how I’m feeling today and what I also recently started doing is what am I talking about in my video this week? Like how can I connect it somehow? There’s usually like a secret message, you know, to see what I’m posting, uh, in, in that inspirational quotes. So I kind of, uh, I kind of do that. I sit down on Wednesdays and I let all of that marinade and I create and I distributed.

Yeah, that’s awesome. I saw, uh, Sarah who’s in our academy. She said, I have to look at, it looks your resources for Canva camp. Yes. Uh, for those of you who are part of our academy inside our academy, we did a week long Canva camp this summer. It was so much fun. I would definitely have to do it again at some point. But I think, you know, to your point, Betty, it’s canvas super intimidating. The first few times you try to use it. It’s like, you know, Campbell will say, oh, we have a hundred thousand templates, which sounds like super overwhelming. But then even my God dig into some of the basics. And it’s like, okay, there’s a lot of cool things that you can do video editing in Canva now. And like, you could, you could sit in camp. I mean, I’ve done this, I’ve opened up canvas and like recorded a video all within canvas, which is kind of cool. So I’m not affiliated with them.

Okay. So let’s get into, we were to kind of talk a little bit about batch recording. Uh, I kind of skipped ahead to this part where we were talking about your content creation. Um, before we, we’re going to talk about distribution in one second, but you had something in your notes about how you kind of figure out if you’re recording yourself or if you are like interviewing somebody. Cause obviously that’s a whole other thing where you got to go there or do a zoom. Um, can you talk a little bit about that? Any other thoughts around kind of like the recording process and you know, if you decide if you’re doing it yourself or if you’re going to interview someone else, uh, we’d love your insight on that.

Absolutely. So, you know, it really depends on, on a lot of things. Um, first of all, those interviews are planned in advance. Do I reach out to a restaurant owner in advance like a year in advance and say, Hey, I’m coming to interview. You know, but this past year I, a few months ago, I did, you know, how they have like in the city they have like restaurant week, you know, it’s a big, it’s a big restaurant thing. Um, and they order, I think they offer like, you know, specific meals for whatever to try to, to try to get people to come. We did most of our restaurant month. So every week I was at on location at a different restaurant, I’m talking about the restaurant and the food and what I love about it. And then I, I mean, we did three restaurants in one month and at each one I just grabbed somebody that worked there and I’m like, would you mind answering some questions?

And I got them, I got them on video. I had somebody there with me videoing, but it was, it was great. Like this one restaurant that we go to all the time, it’s Pasa and Franklin lakes, New Jersey, if anyone’s from the area loved pasta, I was there for lunch, um, you know, with a coworker and there is, you know, a server. I thought she was that I see there often and I just grabbed her and I’m like, can we talk to you? And she’s like, yeah, well, I found out that she was the manager, that her uncle is the owner and her fiance is the, you know, the head chef. And she told me what positive means and know their whole backstory. So it was awesome. It was awesome. And you’re getting out there and meeting people and it’s just so much fun, but yeah, it depends. I have also interviewed, um, businesses on a zoom call. Um, you know, it really depends on what it is for the restaurants. I definitely wanted to get out there and be, and be physically, you know, in the environment.

As it is. And it’s funny because that happens to me, a restaurant that I frequent a lot and now every time I go in, I’m like awesome. Um, but people love that. They love to hear about, you know, local businesses in the community. So I love doing local businesses. Um, that takes a little bit longer on video. I’m trying to keep my videos a little bit shorter these days. Um, just because people’s attention is like all over the place. But I do find when I do the, the local businesses, I am keeping people’s attention more, more than just, you know, Ababil head of me talking. Um, it’s nice. It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m going to see if I can put this in the chat here. So check, I want you to guys to check out Betti’s YouTube channel, because if you’re curious about her content, um, and like what it actually looks like, um, okay. We’re gonna try to type and talk at the same time. I think I did that, right. Um, check it out and subscribe to her channel. Uh, and you know, I’d love, you’ve got a good, obviously a great variety of content from like your monthly, like market reports, to like the interviews you do with your business owner, you know, local restaurants and, uh, and all kinds of stuff.

Check it out. I try to give a little bit of, you know, a different flavor to everything that I do. You know, I feel like it’s important to be in your community, highlighting local businesses and meeting people. It’s also important to be providing, you know, valuable real estate information. Um, I think that people think they know a lot about real estate. Um, and I find that people really don’t. Um, and I feel like people need to be educated. It’s so important for, for people to know what’s going on and what to expect in the market. So I love sharing.

If you guys have any questions for Betti, feel free to put those in the chat. We’re happy to answer, answer any questions. Um, this next part I’m excited to talk about, because this is like, this is like the secret sauce, right? So like you’ve made your plan, you sat down and created it, you recorded all this stuff. Maybe you’ve done some interviews, you’ve done all this content, but like, if you don’t distribute it, then nobody’s going to see it, right. Like, I think there’s this, like, there’s this theory of like, well, I’ll just put stuff on YouTube and everyone will watch it. That that’s, that doesn’t happen that way. Unless you’re like, you know, a viral superstar, like you’ve got to like tell people about it. So share with us kind of your distribution plan for how you, I let people know about your content.

So this is a doozy. Um, I just want to revisit this like baby steps, baby steps. I actually printed, I have a checklist and I printed it because it’s pretty extensive. But again, Katie, I went to your mastermind. I was such a fledgling at, you know, social media marketing. I took your distribution list and then there were some things on it then, um, I was like, I’m just not, you know, this is not happening. But for the most part, I took the list to a point where it was even a little bit much for me, but I started week by week with what I could do on that list. And like, don’t forget every single thing I did that was on that list. I had to learn how to do it. Like, how do I post on YouTube? How do I post, you know, how do I schedule? So everything is a learning process. So little by little, I added onto it, um, until it became what it is now. So don’t be overwhelmed when I tell you what I do.

So yes. So the first thing I do on Wednesday mornings is I actually do schedule my Wednesday videos, my videos that are dropping on Wednesday before their published time. I do this because I, I just feel like I have to be ahead of the game. I want to publish at a certain time and I’m not going to publish today’s video when it’s time for it to be released. I want it to be released right on time. So in the morning on Wednesday, I schedule it for YouTube. I schedule it for Facebook and I schedule, um, my little snippet for Instagram. Um, I don’t post to LinkedIn until that particular time, because for LinkedIn, I just post directly to LinkedIn. Um, I, I can’t really schedule it. None of the scheduling tools really work that great for LinkedIn. Um, I do use scheduling for LinkedIn for other things, but not for my video. Um, so what I also do on Wednesday morning is I go to link tree and I changed the link to reflect the YouTube link for my video that is about to drop. So that at the same time, that video is publishing. The little snippet on Instagram is also publishing. And the link on link tree is, is live. It’s happening all at the same time.

Once all of that happens, what do I do? I start sharing. So I share my Facebook business page post to my personal page. I share, I don’t share everything from my business page to my personal page, by the way, but my videos, I do, I share the snippet on Instagram to my stories. Um, at that point I am also creating, I’m creating some Canva posts, the weekly tips I have already gotten the transcription from So now I, um, you know, preparing, um, the weekly tips from the transcription and from my notes, which is easy. I mean, it takes me no time at all. Um, I’m also preparing my inspiration based on how I feel that day. Um, I am, oh, I also share on Pinterest because I have a Pinterest account and I love Pinterest. And although interest is more of like a, a hard goods, like a, you know, kind of platform.

Why not? It’s just another place that people can find me. Um, let’s see, what else do I do at that point? Let me look at my notes. Ah, so I, um, I also create testimonials by the way on Canva, which I share out once in a while, all of these things get scheduled though, that I’m creating, they get scheduled for a later time. So after I create all of these things, um, I’m scheduling them out for different times during the week. I also have like an IgE TV version of my video that gets scheduled for a few days after the regular, uh, original version posts. Um, I also schedule on Wednesday for the following Monday, my video from last week republished. I want to keep pushing that video out there, even though it’s a new week. Yeah. Um, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

I just saw, I saw a question come through Cindy when you schedule it. And I’m not sure if this question came through right. She says when you schedule it and when you actually record them, I think she’s asking about maybe like the difference between like, when you’re recording versus when you’re scheduling and there’s your record, you’re recording them in advance because you’re batch recording them for the most part. Right. So, and then you’ve got an under you’re working with, so they’re editing it, they get it back to you and then you’re scheduling it out.

Exactly. Yeah. Sorry if we miss that. Yeah. So my editor gets called my videos to me before it’s time to publish them. So I have them ready in a file for me. Ready to go.

That’s super. And by the way, this whole checklist that Betti’s referring to, um, it’s in, he says, yes. Okay, good. Yeah. So that was the missing piece. So, oh, I love that Betty has a checklist. That’s one of the things that we talk about in, in, in our bootcamp. And actually, if you, those of you, who’ve already signed up for the bootcamp. Part of what happens in the bootcamp is I give you a 12 month content calendar that of course you can take and make your own. I also give you our entire distribution for how we do it, which Betty was talking about. So she took it and was like, I don’t know if I could do all that, but I could do this. And then she kind of made it a wrong, right?

Yeah. Over time I actually added to it. And I’m sure that your list has changed over time. I mean, it’s constantly evolving. So yeah, I mean, so I also, um, I take the transcript. I create a blog that goes on my website. I schedule, how do I say this? I embed my video into the blog. So I schedule a Facebook post of the blog with that video embedded to go out another day. I also schedule the YouTube link for another day. Now I know that sharing links on Facebook is not always the best idea because Facebook doesn’t like to send people away from Facebook, but don’t forget that I have that original video posted there. So the additional links, it might not get it. They might not get as much traction as the original post, but your

Links too. They’re not like, oh, here’s a link to NAR. Not that there’s anything bad with sending links to other places, but you’re sending them back to your site or your YouTube channel.

Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. I rarely share information from other sites. I’ll do it once in a blue moon. And, you know, I love to share things that my friends are doing and I do share, you know, local, you know, information, but I try to do that in my voice. Not so much, you know, copying and pasting somebody else’s link, um, to do that. Yeah. So, I mean, it’s a long list.

But you know, in a nutshell that’s pretty much what I do. Whenever I share something, a video related to Instagram, it gets pushed up to my stories and my videos. Like I said, go out on IGT TV. I love Instagram. I love stories. There’s so much you can do on stories. I do a lot with my videos in stories. I, well, I have those tips that I push up to stories. I also have, um, you know, different conversations or you know, about what’s coming and, you know, look out for this.

So I create a lot of content out of my videos and then some, so I also have a podcast now that I recently started with Christine, George. I don’t think Christine’s on right now, but, um, I know she’ll be tuning in later. She was excited about this, but Christine and I created a podcast. So I also go through the same or similar, I should say steps with getting the podcast out there to the world. So lots and lots of social media crossposting going on there.

Absolutely. Yeah. I love what, uh, Sarah said in the chat. She says, oh wow. You do have such a well thought out execution. I like the idea of having a little extra help with the video expert. Uh, I’ve been thinking about finding a student who is trained, who is in training. It could be a benefit. Yeah. I mean, I, I think if you can find a video editor, um, you know, and it’s in your budget, I think they’re, they’re worth their weight in gold. You know? Um, I’ve worked with a lot of fantastic video editors over the years and it, it, you know, you know, when you first start off, you might have to do it yourself because you don’t have that budget, but it’s, it’s just really nice to be able to, I’m sure you could speak to this too, Betty. It’s like you record it. And then, you know, having someone to do kind of that, that piece of it, uh, helps, helps in a big thing.

Yeah. I mean, honestly I find it to be priceless and I look at it this way. It doesn’t cost me anything to actually film the video. It doesn’t cost me anything to distribute it over social media, unless I feel like boosting that post, which they used to do that a lot more. I’m not doing that as much anymore. Um, you know, I’m finding that it’s, it’s more about the shares and the conversation that happens. Not so much putting the money behind it, of course money helps. But, um, you know, I’m not doing that as much as I used to, but it’s priceless. I’m not paying for any of that stuff. So I pay a video editor. I video editing is just not my gig at all, have nowhere to no idea where to start. I’m not really interested in doing it. I send it off to my editor. He, you know, add some graphics. He adds the bumpers on the ends for me, makes me look pretty and I’m so happy. It’s more worth it. You know, I, I would spend, I spent so much money over the years trying different things that I’ve just money that I’ve just thrown out the window in a lot of cases. I’m like, if I’m paying a video editor, I have to pay for marketing anyway, in some way, shape or form. So I pay my editor and it’s, it’s perfect.

She says any advice on how to get started for creating content on brand new home communities? That’s a good question. I mean, I personally would think about just, what are all the things people ask you about brand new homes? You know, I mean, what’s it going to be a brand new home versus something that’s not like, you know, I mean, there’s probably a plethora of things. I don’t bet if you have any ideas.

Are you thinking like a specific community or just brand new home communities in general? Because if you have a specific community, um, going up in your area lending, I would visit, I would visit walk around, you know, do a video of yourself, walking around, walking and talking, you know, explain what you’re seeing, show people what you’re seeing, talk about that area and what is coming.

That’s a great idea. Saline says, do you post every day?

Good question. I post every day, I post several times a day, but here’s the secret sauce I don’t really physically post every day. Uh, I have things scheduled for every day and then I don’t have to think about posting unless I want to. So if I’m out on a walk, you know, and I see something pretty that I want to post or talk about or a new listing coming on, then I, then I want to show off. I do that at the spur of the moment. But now that I have twice a day, things are scheduled for every single day of the week. Okay.

That’s awesome. So kind of the last big things I know we were kind of over our time, but I wanted to, I know we could probably talk for a couple hours about all this. I guess my last big thing is, you know, we spent a lot of time today talking about content creation and distribution and um, like I would love for you to just touch on your thoughts kind of around the bottom line. Like you’ve been doing this for a few years now. Um, it’s always hard to say, well, because I did this, I got this much business. I’m not necessarily looking for that, but I’m just curious, like, can you speak to how it has impacted your business or how it has impacted maybe the people you’ve worked with or leads that you’ve gotten? Like, what is the business reason for you of why you keep doing it month after month and why it’s been so helpful for you? I think I just whatever you would like to share, I think it’s because you’re in the trenches, you know?

Yeah. So you know, something that you said it’s hard to say sometimes where a specific piece of business came from, and especially in this case, because when you are putting your face out there for people to see you, people get to know you, um, people that you don’t even know, they get to know you, they get to know like, and trust you. Um, just by seeing what you’re doing by seeing you be yourself. Um, it also reaches people that already know me, um, and, and utilize, you know, the information I put out, you know, to help them on their journey. Um, it’s, you know, it has a lot to do with relationships. Um, so it’s hard to say like exactly where my business is coming from, when it comes to my videos. But I can tell you for a fact that people tell me all the time that they see me everywhere.

So, you know, the trick sometimes for me is getting them to say that on the post, you know, they, they kind of see what I’m doing and, you know, they don’t always tell me, but then when I see them, like I was on a listing appointment for somebody, honestly, that I’ve been working with for like two years, um, they just weren’t ready, but we stay in contact. And, um, we were talking about something and they were like, oh, I know I was reading your blog. And so we did this, this and this, you know, I was in a restaurant, uh, gosh, like a few months back. And somebody that knows somebody that I know this person was really a stranger to me, came up to me and he was like, I know, you know, are seeing that people are watching. Um, and, and it doesn’t make a big difference.

People, people know me, people are comfortable with me. Um, a lot of my business comes from the facts that people know me, and it comes from past clients and, and referrals. And I can really feel that it’s because I am putting myself out there. Nobody else is doing this. To be honest, you might go on YouTube and see a whole bunch of people like doing this and think like you’re too late in my area. Nobody is doing what I’m doing. Okay. And I started three years ago where people started many years before me. So, I mean, you can share this and get to be that face that people know and people trust and respect. You know, now the business comes, you know, I get calls from people that I don’t necessarily know, but that have seen my face and they know who I am. So it’s great.

I have to tell you that it was really uncomfortable at first, you know, getting my face out there and what are people going to think? And like, honestly, I don’t really care what people think. Of course I want everyone to love me, but if they, you know, like when I say you don’t care what they think, it’s not in that sense. It’s more like I’m not going to stop doing what I want to do because of what somebody might or might not think that is probably in my head anyway. Right. So I just go out there, I put myself out there and I am who I am when you are, who you are, you attract the right people. And, um, it’s great. I meet the best people. Um, it’s just so much fun and I’ve come to a place where I can never do this in the past.

And now it just comes easily. And naturally, which I love when I go into a listing appointment, especially if it’s somebody that I don’t know, I don’t have the nerves at all. I walk into the house, like I know them. I talk to them about who they are. I talk to them about their house and their needs and their goals. And we don’t really even talk about me until the end. And like, um, well, I really didn’t talk about this like questions for me, you know, like to connect with them and because I’m comfortable on video and, you know, online, I am very comfortable whenever I walk into like a new, a new, uh, a new scenery.

Well, this has been so great, Betti. I’m so grateful that you were willing to just open up behind the scenes and share, you know, share so, so openly. And so, you know, with, with what you’re doing, and I think it just speaks to, you know, who you are and the folks that we’re lucky enough to work with inside of our academy, we have just a great, I think sense of people just sharing. You can all learn, you know, learn from each other, you know, and, and also, no one’s going to replace, you know, you like, you could put it all out there. And even if someone took everything that you did, it’s going to be different. Cause they’re going to make it their own.

Exactly. And you know what, speaking about the academy, I mean, I’ve told you this before. I I’ve met the most incredible people inside of the academy. It’s so funny. Um, so I’m going to, uh, social media marketing worlds, and I’m going with Leslie that I met at one of the masterminds. And so she lives across the country and my husband was like, how do you even know her? And I’m like, Yeah, of course, you know, um, it’s just, no, it, you meet the best people and we all share and we all learn from one another. And it’s amazing.

I still think in saying that well, for those of you watching live, or maybe you are watching this later on the replay, um, I would absolutely love for you to connect with Betti. You can follow her on Facebook. Instagram is awesome to follow her YouTube channel. She’s everywhere in LinkedIn. You can connect with her. Uh, she mentioned Pinterest, wherever you’re at.

If you really love that idea of the know, like, and trust factor, that is, that’s what her podcast is all about. Her and Christine George launched this just a couple months ago. It’s a great podcast. You can catch that on any podcast platform. And if you’re also listening to this going, okay, I gotta figure out this plan. I want to be like Betti, then shameless plug. I will say one more time. We would love for you to be a part of the bootcamp. So if you’re already part of the academy, the bootcamps included in your membership fee, you can sign up for the academy. If you’d like, if you are just looking for like a three day kind of mastermind where we can like knock it all out of the park, I would love for you to be a part of the bootcamp. But if you, if you attend the bootcamp, you’re going to get all this stuff that we just talked about with Betti.

If you guys have any other questions, let us know I’m going to hop back in the chat later, um, to answer any questions if we missed anything. Uh, and I, you know, I’m sure if I tagged Betti and, and uh, you know, she’ll be able to pop in as well, but a lot of, a lot of great love here, Christian says, thank you so much for sharing. Uh, you’re welcome, Christian. Uh, Sarah says I’ve, I’ve so loved being a, uh, being a part of this lovely ladies. Ah, thank you. Very inspiring. She says I’m a recent member of the academy and absolutely love it totally with them. Rosa’s great tips, Betti. You’re in my area. I’m in Bergen county,

So connect with Betti. Sign up for the bootcamp. We would love to have you there. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to put them in the chat below. All right. My friends. Thanks so much. And we’ll see you next time.

Hi there. Thank you so much for listening. Wasn’t Betti awesome. Holy cow. She just shared so many great tips. So make sure you connect with her.

I put her information in the show notes below but I also want to mention, I know we talked about the three-day bootcamp, so we just completed our three-day get social smart bootcamp that you heard Betti talking about. When we recorded that Facebook live, it was a few weeks ago, but like I said, I thought it was so valuable. I wanted to share it here with you guys. So if you’re listening to this going, gosh darn it, I missed it. Is there a way to sign up for it? Is there a way to get access to that? I just want to mention really quick that if you are part of our get social smart academy, you have complete access to all of our trainings, all of our boot camps, all of our courses. So if you are not yet a member, maybe you’ve been listening to this podcast for quite some time and you are curious about, you know, what our academy is all about. If you go to it will tell you all about what’s included in the academy.

It includes all of our training, all of our resources and calendars and spreadsheets and downloads, and then you’ll have access to all of our virtual events as well. So you will have complete access to the three-day bootcamp and all of the other masterclasses and trainings that we’ve done. So check it out. Katie I will put that link in the show notes as well.

If you have any questions or you’re just curious if it’s right for you, feel free to reach out to me. You can email me directly Katie at I do check all my own emails, so I’m happy to answer any questions you have. All right. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you have an awesome day. We’ll see you next time. Bye for now.


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