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20 Ultimate Social Media Tools

Do you feel like you are shouting into the void?

Let’s face it – we use social media to communicate, and if there’s no one there to listen, you may well be wasting your efforts. If this is the case, worry no more. Here are 20 of the best social media marketing tools that I’ve found to be helpful, and hopefully you will as well! 

Analytics and Social Media Insights


  • Wolfram|Alpha bills itself as the world’s first and only computational knowledge engine, combining knowledge and algorithms to generate reports, answer questions and perform analysis across thousands of domains. It offers insight on you and your social network, as seen through the prism of your Facebook presence.
  • SocialBakers offers free statistics, plus a pro suite with analytics, a social media builder, social media listening and ad analytics. It works across platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The EdgeCheck Ranker provides analytics to increase Facebook exposure and fan engagement.
  • FollowerWonk provides Twitter analytics, digging to discover the identity and location of your followers as well as the times when they tweet.
  • Fanpage Karma lets you analyze and improve social-media profiles. The site offers unlimited analytics and one-click reports in addition to a suite of other tools.
  • QuillEngage provides Google analytics so that you can better understand what’s driving visitors to your site. It offers weekly and monthly reporting, customization and automated sharing.
  • AgoraPulse Barometer measures the latest trends in Facebook reach and engagement, with averages based on more than 9,000 Facebook pages. Find out if you’re performing above or below average and which metrics require the most attention.
  • SemRush is a digital marketing software suite. Its tools include domain-versus-domain comparisons, charts, position tracking and site audits.

The Science of Influence


  • ConversationScore lets you discover any Facebook Page’s influence, engagement and performance. Simply enter the Page ID, URL or Page Name.

Content Curation and Management


  • BundlePost helps you easily manage multiple content sources while finding, scheduling and hashtagging curated content in minutes. It allows you to consistently share your own marketing messages while at the same time spearheading your social-media efforts.
  • BulkBuffer lets you upload multiple updates to your Buffer account. It offers support for uploading text or csv files and lets you manually add and edit updates.
  • Beatrix acts as social media assistant software, providing a virtual hand with content scheduling and planning. You can also pick and schedule images, links and more.
  • PostPlanner promises to “triple your engagement in 10 minutes a day.” The site works to increase your Facebook likes, shares and clicks, while freeing up your time through its post scheduler.

Social Media Contests and Ads


  • Qwaya is a Facebook ads tool that allows you to schedule campaign running times, automate campaigns with rules and organize ad campaigns in folders in addition to letting you easily create new Facebook ad variations.
  • TagBoard lets you search any hashtag, putting the information you need just a few clicks away.
  • ShortStack lets you create marketing campaigns for free. It positions itself as a marketing hub for social media.

I’d love to hear from you – is your favorite social media tool on this list? Send me a tweet or post a message on my Facebook Page!



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