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Transcript: Interview with Kristi Kennelly

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You’re listening to the Katie lands podcast. If you’re an entrepreneur, social media geek, real estate pro a mom, or maybe all of the above and ready to level up your social media game, you’re in the right place here, buddy

It’s episode 99 of the Katie Lance podcast. And in this podcast, I had a really special interview recently with my good friend Christie Keneally. And we talked all about how to overcome your fear of video. And so if you are a real estate agent or real estate broker, an entrepreneur, or just anybody in general, who’s trying to get better about being on camera and overcoming that fear and wondering what apps and tools and resources you should use and how to edit video. You guys are not going to want to miss out on this conversation. So this was a conversation we had over on Facebook live, and we wanted to make sure that we put this here on the podcast. It’s going to be awesome. Grab a pen, grab a piece of paper. If you’re at a place where you can take some notes, we will also in the show notes below, put the link to the original recording over on Facebook live.

So if you want to check that out and there are a ton of resources and links also in the show notes below, all right, let’s take it away. My good friend, Christy on the show. Hey, login to Facebook. What’s going on, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance consulting, and to get social smart Academy. And I am so excited. We have a really special show for you guys today. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. As you guys are coming in and say, hi, comment below. Give me a like, let me know if you hear me. Okay. Uh, I am really excited to have a really good friend of mine who is a rock star. She is a national speaker. Uh, she’s killing it with rate my agent and she’s just an all around awesome person. I’ve got a bigger intro for her and just, I want to welcome Christie Connealy

Happy Friday, happy Friday, happy new year to the end of this week we did. We made it. We made it. This is awesome. I could see lots of folks who are, uh, who are tuning in with us today also. Hey, I see speech ugly. What am I Stephanie? He’s in Oakland Hills. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. We’re just going to double check and make sure everything is broadcasting. Okay. We, you know, it’s, it’s funny, we’re talking all about confidence on camera and we were joking this morning. Crispy read it. We are, you know, we’re on camera. We’re also the producer. We’re doing all the stuff behind the scene. So you guys are going to get some of our best tips and secrets here. No old bar while you’re spinning

I have some, I have some good news for you. So, um, so we got Panda express last night, you know, we splurged, yeah. Got some panic, you know, what are you going to do? Right. Um, and my little fortune says many seek you out for insightful advice. So Panda Panda express thinks this is going to kill today.

Oh, that’s fantastic. Well, see, that’s a good side. That is a good side. I want to give Christie a proper introduction because she is amazing. And we are going to talk all about video. And the reason why I invited Christie on to talk about the video is because, well, I can really think of no one better to talk about this than her. So let me give you a little background. So Christie Neeley, she started her career on Broadway. Some of you may or may not know this performing with such stars, such as Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker she’s appeared in cats. She loves me how to succeed in business without really trying and while loving the creative outlet of performing Kristy was always drawn to technology. So when a few too many injuries as Peter pan struck at the same time as an opportunity in the tech industry, she decided it was time for a change because she spent the last 15 years focusing on online marketing in order to teach real estate agents have improved their branding and communication. She’s a savvy digital video and social marketer, and she’s been teaching and entertaining audiences all over the country with tips and tricks to grow their business. I know you guys have seen her on a lot of stages. She’s in the connect Florida state association of realtors, Houston association of realtors, century 21, pre-meds Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, home services, and many, many more

Panda express going forward.

Exactly, exactly. And she’s also the awesome, uh I’m to get your title, right. Product ambassador. Is that correct? Or rate my agent?

Yes. It sounds so fancy product ambassador for rate my agent. Yes.

So welcome Christie. Officially welcome. Thank you for being here today.

Thank you for having me. This is like the best way to end my week, honestly, so excited to be here.

Absolutely. I’m so excited. I could see a lot of folks who are tuning in. So I’ve, since we just kind of did this whole intro of you Christie, I thought it would be fun to kind of showcase, um, uh, and shore audience a little bit of, of you back at the day, right? Like your, your pre, uh, you know, before you had all the fancy lights and experience your pre

My pre-World. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yes. Although this is actually, well, okay, let’s pull this up. I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Hold on a minute. Surprise. Are you ready?

Do we apologize in advance? We apologize in advance for what you’re about to see. Yes, yes. And actually

This is a professional and you will see it. Yes. So this little sneak peek of Christy, what was this?

Um, so you’ll be able to tell by the hair that we’re, we’re, we’re looking at late eighties, early nineties.

All right. So let’s do this up and we’re going to, we’re going to minimize us so you guys could hear this. This is going to be fun. All right, hold on a second.

It’s the cleaning just about everything is available to me. Introducing professional strength, Windex naturally cleaned in China glass, but look how it cleans. Countertop, greet these stove without leaving straight slide, all purpose cleaners can new professional strength, Windex, professional, clean wind, that shine all in one.

I should just say to break that down, there’s so much to say there’s so many questions, right? And unfortunately we didn’t see the beginning part, but I actually flipped the guy in the kitchen. I flipped him in the kitchen and yes, they spray tanned me. So if you were wondering, like, why do you w what’s going on? You look weird. They spray tanned maybe. Cause I was in theater and never saw the light of day, but the bodybuilder in the commercial was totally bronze. So it was humiliating in 1991 to be spray tanned on the set for Windex. And then there’s the shoulder pads. My son was like, why are you wearing shoulder pads? I was perplexing to him. I had to explain shoulder pads. That’s a lot, that’s wrong. There’s a lot going on. But the, I guess the point is I did it. I did a bunch of that kind of stuff in my life where I was on camera. Uh, but I didn’t, I wasn’t the producer and the director and the wardrobe person and uh, the writer at all these things that we all have to kind of be now. So it’s a whole new world. Thank goodness.

Oh my goodness. It’s a whole, it’s a whole new world for sure. Oh my goodness. That is awesome. Yeah, I know. We’re going to talk about, uh, building your confidence on camera, which is such an important topic. And, uh, I’m excited to kind of dive into this. So the first thing I just want to ask you is how do people overcome their fear of video? I mean, a lot of people are just like, I don’t want to deal with it. I like how they smell. I don’t like how to call it look. And so I know you have a couple of tips that you want to share. What are, what are a couple of strategies that you think that, uh, people might employ as they overcome their fear of it?

Yeah. Well, I first I think I just, I want to acknowledge that, um, I hated it too. At first I had a colleague say, Oh, you’re going to use this tool called Camtasia. And you’re going to do all the editing, uh, and going to figure it out and it’s going to be great. Um, I don’t want to, I don’t, I don’t want to have to do all of this and figure this out. So, um, nobody likes anything that’s unfamiliar at first. No one does. It feels icky and you’re at, you’re out of your element and you don’t, you’re just, you just don’t feel like you got your groove on because she’s talking about you’re doing well. Your sound just got better. Whatever happened there. Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, I just want to acknowledge that, you know, most people don’t like it at first, but the more you do it, the more familiar you become, the more familiar you become with the technology. And the more familiar you become with a couple of things that just make you look better on camera. Are you feeling a little like, you know,

There’s no magic untangible, crazy secret that nobody that people are keeping from other people it’s just lights and the lens in the right place. Right. I don’t mean to oversimplify it, but Katie, can I just show you the difference? Um, if I, if I were, for example, to not have my lights on and to put my lens in a, in a place that most people put their lens. Yeah. Let’s do it. Let me show you. So this is, this is what most of us look like,


So we turn, the lights are out. Our lens is usually too low and we’re looking at people’s

No, it just looked like every zoom call you been for the last 11 months. Yes. Although you need like a cat, like going behind you or something to fan. Yeah. But, but honestly,

I am, I am literally putting my computer or if you would get a tripod for your camera and I’m bringing the lens up to my eye level, I am, I had I, yeah. And I’ve turned on two lights. I have got a ring light that is about at a 35 to 40 degree angle looking, pointing down at me. And then I’ve got a big light box right here on this side of me. And what I am doing is replicating window light. I am replicating window light as much as I possibly can. Yeah. The best light is it’s just sitting in front of a window. If you can, that’s going to be the prettiest light. Uh, but, but that’s, those are the two main ingredients and perhaps a wider. Now I try to light myself like a real housewife from somewhere. I, I am trying to blow out as much as I can.

Right. So I’ve got some, I’ve got some decent, decent lights that puddle sparkle in your, and I’ve got the lens here. And I also want everyone to notice that my eyes are in the top. Third of the frame, like yours are to your eyes. And the top third of the frame set up straighter when you’re watching TV and you’re watching broadcasters, this, this is the angle and this is where your eyes need to be. And goodness knows. They’ve get these candlelights on them as well. So now those, those are your basics with just having some equipment

Set up. Yeah. And I’m telling you that small, that small adjustment of just getting a little bit more eye level, uh, bringing the light in, you know, it’s, it’s just a couple small little things that can make a big difference. And I’m going to just share one quick hack too, that I’ve been doing recently with all my zoom calls is before I get on a zoom call. I don’t know if you guys know this, but you can just open zoom at anytime on your own computer and just look to see what your set up is. So instead of like hopping on zoom and going, Oh my gosh, like shocked at like the crazy angle, like look at yourself five minutes in advance, and then you can adjust, you know, the camera or the laptop or whatever. So it’s, it’s not so jarring, you know what I mean? Right,

Right. Absolutely. But it’s, but this is, this is very simple setup before you even begin to film. Yeah. It’s not worth overthinking a couple of lights and a book. Absolutely. Put your computer on.

I saw a good question. Just come through from Cindy. She says, how do you not have the lights reflecting in your glasses? That’s a great question.

That is a great question. And she’s right there. Not, I, it might be the angle that I’ve got them at, you know, like, uh, I have had the problem of, uh, reflecting off of, uh, certain pictures and things that I have in the background that sometimes you see in a 16 by nine ratio. Yeah. But, uh, yeah, it must be that I’ve got them just, just high enough. Um, so that they’re not in my glasses. Like these, these are not fancy. Yeah.

I could see so many familiar people tuning in, Hey, Sean Carpenter. Good to see you. He did funny, lots of familiar faces. If you guys have questions for Christie, feel free to put those in the chat, um, and feel free to tag someone who you think should be watching this because I, you know, you guys have heard me talk about this before. I think video is a huge thing to think about in 2021. This is not a new conversation by any means, but you know, video gives people a sense of who you are and what you’re all about. And when we are not as face to face with people, uh, you know, it, it’s, it’s even more important. So, um, okay. So we talked about what kind of, uh, you know, logistically, right? Uh, what, what else can we, can we talk about in terms of, you know, building your confidence? Um, you know, a lot of people will say just practice, the more you do it, the better you get. Uh, do you, you know, do you rehearse your talks? Do you have notes? Do you use a teleprompter? Does any of that stuff help? What is it?

Yeah. Good, great, great questions. So I do write scripts out for myself. I do think about a beginning, middle and end. Sometimes there’s a little theme. There’s a little joke whether I’m dancing throughout it or which make we might see in just a moment or, you know, for rate my agent, uh, I, my last video, I put my dad in the video because there was a theme of dad jokes. So my dad was trying to tell dad jokes while I was trying to explain this product and whatever. So I might have a little thing. I do write them out, but then I’m going to be super honest with everybody. Um, I can’t memorize anything anymore and I don’t want to, I have no desire to try to memorize anything. And, and I, I’ll be honest. I do not love teleprompter at work. I can do it.

Okay. Uh, it’s all a matter of trying not to let your eyes dart, you know, from left to right too much. Uh, and there are apps for that. Like, I know big view is, is one that people like, believe it or not. I shoot one sentence at a time and it works out really well for me. I use it a software called Camtasia and that’s with a C Camtasia and I’m able to deliver the first line. And it, it goes right into Camtasia. I am filming through my webcam or I can screen record and it dumps right into the software immediately. So I’m not having to transfer files and deal with all of that. I can’t stand that it dumps right in. And I look, I can tell right then and there did I get the right tape? Did I say it the right way? And then I go, and then I edit as I shoot.

Yeah. Yeah, okay. Right into my webcam. And what I love about Camtasia is I can do that and be on the screen entirely, or I can screen re screen record and just show my screen, or I can put me and the screen on a screen and screen. I can do all kinds of things, but I am shooting and editing at the same time. I am not shooting everything. And then going back and edit the next day. I am making sure it’s working out as I go, because I’m doing it one line at a time. And, uh, it might make sense at this point to actually show one of my videos, Katie. So people can understand this jump cut style. Um, and I think it’ll make more sense to people if they just see a little snippet. Yeah. So I made an Inman recap, um, this week.

Yes, you did. It was, it was great. If you guys don’t know what, what she’s talking about as far as jump cuts, we’re to show you just a quick video here. Um, I’m going to pull up the square version of that video. Um, let’s see if we can do this really quick here and all right. So I’m going to pull, see if I can play this and then this will give you guys a really great, um, just idea of what she’s talking about and how she does some of her editing, and then we’ll come back and, uh, and she can jump in with some, with some more tips

On it.

Exactly. All right, let me

Okay. Had to get my wiggles out. Brad Inman kicked off with a reflective and inspiring a new chapter in digital real estate followed by his interview with Andy Florence of CoStar, the discussion and alternative to existing business models in the residential real estate space. Inquiring minds stay tuned the back and forth between Glen Kelman and the Josh team. Totally popcorn, where they, the wonderful Katie landscape, us social media planning, advice, focus five. What, how watch the replay? My girl marquee lemons Royal came in strong telling us how to level up with video, turn video into podcasts. Then into shorter videos, then into pull quotes, using Canva Chelsea pipe brought her Instagram reels a game. You don’t have to dance or lips saying if you don’t want to, the woman up session delivered as always with Sabrina Brown, Tawny English, Tonya Rue, Narvaez, and Debra trippin say yes by saying no. Think about it. Watch that replay. Sue Yana cone reminded one and all to lead with empathy. Yes.

All right. We’re going to push pause on that for a minute, although it’s awesome.

I would love to watch the whole thing all good. I think that might’ve given people though an idea of what the, what jump cuts are and how I was able to incorporate screen recording. Cause I just screen ported moments from some replays and I did all of that in Camtasia. Um, one line at a time, but when you put it all together, hopefully sounds cohesive.

No, that’s great. That is, that is, that is an awesome video. Just a great video to watch in general, but, uh, you guys can see, it’s just, you know, you don’t have to necessarily sit down and memorize, you know, a five minute speech, right. And I love your idea of just like a little bit and then, you know, edit it and make it easier on yourself. Uh, which I love, sorry, go ahead. You want to say,

While you’re looking at comments, you know, I’m terrible at multitasking while you’re, while you’re looking at the comments, just to let everyone know we are going to give you a couple other tech tips that don’t involve Camtasia that involve, uh, other tools and maybe your phone. So we’re going to get there, but for those of you that wanted to know exactly how I make my videos, um, that’s, that’s how I do it. Um, and then, uh, so maybe if this is a good time to talk about coupling or Cali,

I’m gonna just take this really quick, really quick question from Linda, and then we’ll get into that for sure, because I think this is a great question. Um, Linda asked you storyboard and I don’t know if people know what that is, but, um, that’s a great question.

Great question. So Linda, I don’t necessarily storyboard. I do write out my scripts, um, in such a way where I I’m noting what’s what am I saying? And then what visually is happening. Isn’t a second column. So I, I am thinking visually and I am seeing it in my head. And if I had maybe a little more time, maybe I draw out the storyboard or use a tool for storyboarding, but I’ve created a tool that helps me visualize what the video is going to look like. Again, just with those two columns, what am I saying? And then what are people seeing while I’m saying it, whether it’s me or a screen capture or, uh, an image or whatever, right? Yeah.

That’s awesome. Okay. So let’s get into the apps because one of the things I love about you Christie, every time I talked to Christie, she’s always like, have you seen this app? She like pulls her phone out. What are you using? So I know you’ve got a couple of great apps, so you’re going to share what are some of your go-to ones?

Yeah. So what I’ve been using lately is something called cup wing. Uh, but it looks like cap wing with a K cap wing, but I’m pretty sure they call it complaining, which sounds so nice. Uh, and maybe a good way to explain it as for those of you who like InShot, which I know a lot of people like in shot and I do too, but in shot is really only good for, uh, working on your phone. And I like to work more on my desktop when it comes to big pillar videos, like a two or three minute video. I like working on my desktop for that. I’m not good on my phone with all, with that tiny screen, bigger classes, or I use coupling now, too. I don’t know if you all noticed, but that last video you saw was in one by one format. So coupling lets me put my videos in one by one format or switch over to 16 by nine or the weird nine by 16. I can do that all on my desktop and then what I love. And I don’t know if you guys noticed this either, but I had the big captions at the bottom, like the, the big Facebooky, right? Uh, captions different than the little captions. And I really like that. Uh, and computing does that for free it auto generates and it gets, it gets everything right, except my name, whatever I can go in and I can go in and fix that I can go in and fix that. So it also allows you to do the bar

Progress, got a few fans of coupling Laura, you reverses. I love it. That is awesome. Uh, Stephanie says, Christie is the app dealer comment of the day. I love that. Uh, bill Risser, our good friend who we’re going to also have on the podcast here in a couple of weeks also, no one better to improve confidence on video. Yeah, my pleasure. That’s awesome. I love that. Stephanie says, coupling sounds like a Batman sound effect. We can have a lot of fun just with this word.

Holy app, snap man.

Only apps. I love that. That is awesome. So Vince says, is this a Mac or PC app or is it just a website? It’s just, web-based love-based they do

Have a kind of a junky app. I don’t use the app. I use the web, the web based, uh, to package up my video videos because once they’re done, then there’s the old ma you got to make them look right for all the different platforms and get your distribution going. Right. Yeah.

So I know you have, and by the way, we’ve got a whole list of Christie Christie’s favorite tools. And we’re going to share those at the end here today. Um, w what are the, we’ve got some other ones I know that you, that you we’ve got listed here, uh, that we’re going to pull up, pull up at the end. What are some of your other favorite ones that you love to use?

Well, yeah. So if we want to step away from this idea of totally throwing yourself out there and being on camera and you taking up all the space, all right. I don’t always feel like doing that. Uh, I feel a lot of people don’t like doing that, and I do not believe in just suck it up and do it anyway. I don’t like that advice. So I like finding well, so let’s find tools that will work for your comfort level. So a couple of other tools that I really like are That’s L O M for screen recording, where you can make you stuff tiny, very tiny in the screen and let whatever’s on your screen, be the star. So it takes off all that pressure. So let’s say it’s a market update. Use the screen as your cue card, because remember I don’t re memorize anything.

I use my screen sometimes as my cue card, and I’ll read the important points from, from the screen or whatever’s right in front of me and riff a little bit, but I’ll use loom and that’s free. It is a Chrome extension free Chrome extension. If you want to go next level in, I love BombBomb. BombBomb allows you to screen record as well, and you just get a lot more bells and whistles with BombBomb. I’m a huge fan, but if you want, if you want to get your feet wet, maybe try loom and see if you kind of like this whole screen recording vibe. Um, and then, uh, BombBomb is where you want to be just to, gosh, have all your videos organized in the backend, watch them and all kinds of great bells and whistles with Baba as a free trial offer usually. So if you check them out, um, so those two tools, I’ve, I’ve, I really like for the idea of screen recording. Now, I’m going to guess there people on this call, they’re like, I don’t want to be on screen

At all. Not even a little bit, just, Nope, not at all.

I totally understand. I get it. I, I think you’re going to find this surprising. Uh, so at rate my agent, uh, where I’m the product ambassador down South are very, very, very fancy. Um, we have found that text based video performs really well. I have nowhere in them, so I’m a little afraid I might need to find a way to get myself in those couple of tools, meaning it’s just a royalty free video, or maybe if you’ve purchased a subscription for some of these tools and you get in that you get access then to a lot of really cool stock footage, um, music. And then you tell your story via text in 60 seconds or less a beginning, middle and end, maybe it’s for example, the five best sushi places in Sherman Oaks. Hmm. Tell it in text with w the visuals that either are offered to you through the tools, or you can use your own, you can use your own video or your own images.

And so, uh, let me give you a couple of these tools, lumen that’s L U M E N Uh, I used recently for the rate, my agent agent of the year awards to create a text-based announcement. Um, they, they just, they do just fine on social media. Uh, you basically want text every three seconds, every three seconds. Tell your story. Um, uh, and yeah, lumen five, going, gonna let you do a number of videos for free. I mean, there’ll be limited, uh, to at least experiment. See if you like it, but the best thing that’s going to geek out so much right now, the best thing about lumen five is they let you download that MP4 file, What you want. Then you get the videos to your platforms, right? Another good, another good one that, uh, I’ve played with and I’ve heard good things about is Um, and then, I mean, we can start segwaying into talking about Instagram, Instagram reels and reels is its own thing. And it’s only on Instagram, but it’s this idea of text-based, don’t sweat it. Tell your story a little differently. If you don’t want to be on camera, then don’t, don’t do it. Yeah.

I can see a question coming in here. Um, Mark connects us, you’re going to see him work. He’s one of our Academy members get to see too. And, and then, uh, he says lumen five versus Yeah. I they’re kind of two different things, right?

I would say, I would say so. So lumen five is going to help you take bullet points or any kind of script or a blog post and convert that to a video. Like it’s going to try to find the right images and royalty-free video and, and make a video for you. And then you can go in and Polish it up, which you’re probably going to need to do. It’s not going to get it right, right out of the gate, I use, uh, when I want to create, uh, uh, closed captions, you’re going to get geeky, um, We’ll, we’ll do the SRT file for you. And it’s file that helps you create closed captions. Um, also does transcriptions, which is great. If you want to turn a video into a blog post, and you want everything that was said in the video as a cheat sheet to get your blog posts written right away. Um, and then I’m putting, then I’m going back to cap weighing or complaining auto-generate auto-generate those closed captions for you. So we’re coming, we’re coming full circle here, Mark.

Right? Right. We’ve got lots of options.

So let’s talk about, uh, Instagram. I think that was a really good segue. I mean, I know I’m spending a ton of time on Instagram. I know you are. And one of the predictions I made recently was that I think Instagram is only going to get bigger in, uh, you know, in, in 2021 and especially with reels. Right. So you’re having a lot of fun with reels. I feel like reels were made for you because it’s like a perfect outlet. So let’s talk a little bit about that. I mean, how do you feel about reels? How are you using it? How can agents use it? What the heck are reels? You know,

Give me the whole enchilada, right. There might be some, some folks right now saying they say wheels, no real reels, which I have a hard time saying I get real are, um, yeah. So Instagram reels, they, you are allowed to create a 15 to 32nd multi clip videos with access to an incredible library of music, um, and, and have as much fun and be as creative as you want to be in. This can be, again, this can be really simple or you can do relatively embarrassing things, which I’ve done. Um, but I, I own that. I do, I own that. So I have seen realtors use Instagram reels in just taking short footage of maybe it’s a beautiful living room with a vaulted ceiling, and they’re just panning very slowly, but then they’ve put it to some incredible jazz music, like great jazz music. And there might be some texts of pointing out the vaulted ceiling or, you know, some kind of poll or something might or might also be there. Like my friend, Shelly Zavitz, she likes to do that sort of thing. And I feel like I’ve gotten to know Shelly and her sense of like, just who she is from the music. She chooses to show rooms in her listings. And that’s simple. Now it can be that simple or it can get crazy. Like I tend to dance to the dance in my kitchen,

By the way, I’m going to drop Christie’s Instagram in the, uh, in the chat here. So if you guys are not following Christie over on the IgG, you can give her a little follow over there and check out, uh, her content, especially the reels.

Yeah. Um, and so Instagram, well, here’s, here’s what I found super interesting. If you go to your Instagram and if you need maybe update the app, they replaced the plus button where you would normally go to post in your feed. They replaced that with reel. And that, that, that little button moved to the upper, right. That plus symbol or sleepy. And I was like, dang, I’ve, Instagram’s taking really, really seriously. Um, they seem to be, uh, so you, you know, you, you post in reels, it can go to your feed, you could share it in your stories. It lives on your grid permanently under reels. Um, you can go right to just looking at a bunch of reels. Instagram is I think, betting, betting a lot on it. And for me, it’s just exposure. It’s like, well, that’s what an Instagram is doing right now. Hop on, hop on board and have fun. It’s it’s fun. Yeah.

I love a friend, Stephanie Chumbly who was on our podcast a couple of weeks ago. If you guys miss that conversation, I’ll drop that link, uh, down here in a little bit. That was a, that was a really fun conversation. We talked about social media in 2021. So she posted and said, I made a free reels. I’m scheduled to make another one. I’m competing with my husband, Dave Dale, to get more views.


And I love what you said, Christie. I mean, it doesn’t have to be super complicated. I mean, I, I, you know, when reels first came out, I feel like anytime something new comes out, we all go through this. Like, Oh no, it’s something new. Now I’ve got to learn it. I gotta figure this out.

So here’s how, you know, the difference with between the generations. I feel like if you’re a, if you’re a boomer, you know, awesome. You’re like, no, and if you’re a millennial, you’re like, Oh, great. Something new. And then if you’re a gen X-er, you’re like, I’ll do it, but I’m going to be ticked off about it. Like, that’s the, the immediate reaction, everybody to new technology.

Fine. I’ll do it. I don’t know what I’m doing, but fine.

Oh my goodness. That’s I love that a city freak, Brooklyn says I need, I need more time in my day to do all the video and sell real estate. It can be overwhelming. Absolutely. So that actually brings up a really good point because I think sometimes, you know, we talk a lot about video and how important it is, but then it’s like, well, you know, we’ve got, you know, if you’re a full-time realtor or full-time know real estate agent, full-time broker, it may kind of fall to the bottom of your list. So do you have any, you know, strategies for making time for it? Do you recommend that people time block, or do they put it in their schedule or do they do it as they’re out and about, or is it a combination of all of the above?

Well, I think ideally it’s a combination of all, all the above and it, and it’s a pillar type strategy of, of try to try to make, if you can, once a week or twice a month, whatever you can handle, but answer a frequently asked question or crap crowdsource something, and, you know, maybe whatever, uh, the B B Stroh’s in your neighborhood or, you know, events that are online events that are happening are tied first time home buyer tips. Just, just answer a question or, or use some crowdsourcing and make, uh, one good two minute ish video. And, uh, gosh, you can do so much with that. Just from there. You can post it to, to YouTube. You can now get it on Instagram, easily going through IGT B I G T V we’ll post the first 60 seconds of that in everybody’s feed. So the sort of rule of you got to cut it down to one minute and this and that, you almost don’t really have to like, like Facebook since they like two minute videos I would make, I would try to make a good, solid answer to a question and then pepper in the rest of the week with on the fly.

You know, like I said, the slow pan of, of the, of the different rooms in a property and at home that night, maybe make a little Instagram reel of it choosing that makes you so happy music to me is everything is if it makes you happy, you’ll do, you’ll continue to do it. Right.

I agree. And in fact, I was just sharing with you, um, a couple of days ago, I just, I was packaging up some books to send people and I just literally took out my phone and shot a five second video. It was like, yeah. You know, just something crazy. And I opened reels, I uploaded the video and I just found some music that I love just like a fun song. And that was it. Like, I didn’t edit it. I didn’t have any texts. I didn’t add anything. It was like five second video, a fun song. And that reel has gotten like 3000 views. Right.

Yeah. Right now, you know,

Are getting a lot of engagement. So, you know, just, just jump on, jump on, jump on the bandwagon. And you know, if you don’t like it, you can always delete it.

Yeah. Yeah. Here’s a little time-saving hack or just idea. Think about evergreen ish video. So I’m going to, I want to give everyone an idea, a way to just think about this a little bit differently. So we talked about and BombBomb right. Screen recording. Well, you can also send those screen records via email. What if you created a video that, that introduced you before you had an official appointment with somebody, whether that’s in person, if you can do that these days, or if it’s going to be virtual. So for example, what if I said to you, Katie, in, in a video that was prerecorded, Hey, Katie, it’s Christie Conneely, I’m really excited about our meeting on a Tuesday at 2:00 PM. It will be via zoom. So it’ll be that entire moment. Please let me know if you need to cancel for any reason, we’ll reschedule right away, but I’m looking forward to you bringing your questions.

And, uh, this is, this is the video marketing that I will be talking to you about. I use video marketing, uh, and I will use video marketing for your listing, whatever. I’m not a realtor, but the idea is can that video be used in my case for only a couple of months because my hair gets long fairly quickly, but can that, can you use a prerecorded video to impress people before you even have the official meeting with them with video and just kind of walk the walk? I know that would blow me a little bit away. Right? Um, and just you have that tucked away either on your phone as a saved video, or if you’re using BombBomb, it’s saved in your account on loom, it would be saved in your account. And then you don’t have to make that video each and every time, just if you’re me, every 15 days, you might need a haircut. Got a bad one this way. That’s all right. It does it, it had been two months. Things were a little things were a little desperate. Yes. Hey, I, I can relate. I,

I strategically part of my hair and I may or may not be using root spray at the moment. I can not confirm nor deny.

Right. We don’t tell. We don’t tell. We don’t tell we don’t. But anyway, just think about that. I want everyone to think about that idea of, can you, can you beat everyone to the punch with video?

Yeah, absolutely. I love that idea. Can you beat everybody to the punch? So I want to, I know we’re getting kind of close to the end here and I want to pull up, you’ve got a great list of a lot of the tools that you have, um, recommended. So we’re going to try to pull these up here really quick here, and let’s see here on second. Um, and if you guys have any other additional questions for Christie, let us know in the chat. Um, I’m also going to hop in the chat later on today and try to answer any other additional questions. And I know Christie’s a busy, busy lady, so, uh, she may try to do the same as well if possible. Let’s see if we can pull this up here. All right. Let’s do this fun little thing where we minimize ourselves. Okay.

So what I’m going to do, so you guys can actually see this because I realized right now it’s probably like this to this tiny. I’m going to take ourselves out of the, out of the frame here. So you guys can screenshot this, but then we’re also going to put this list in the chat later on today. So let’s see if we can do this really quick. All right. I’m going to give you guys no pressure, but five seconds to take a screenshot. You can do this, but if you don’t, I’ll put this list below. I promise. All right, here we go. Ready, go. Okay. Did you do it

Amount of time? And we almost covered everything. You know, I didn’t cover all of the editing tools. I am a Camtasia person, but I’ve mentioned I move in a couple other tools. Um, and then, uh, I just want to talk about rate my agent for a quick moment. So yeah, so rate my agent is a well, it’s a way for great agents to kind of harness the value of your really good reviews so you can claim your profile for free. And I just want to make this really clear to everybody. This is free. When I’m talking about you go to rate my, rate my, claim your profile. And then what you can begin to do is bring all of your good client reviews into one place. But here’s where it gets really interesting. All of those reviews on rate, my agent turned into individual web pages.

So now you’re growing your digital footprint with these positive, glowing client reviews that are likely sitting around on other platforms, not doing much for you, but you bring them into rate my agent. This is free, free, free, free, bring them in to rate my agent and put to work for you because you’ve earned it. You’ve earned it and your reputation. And, uh, anyway, I’m a, I’m a ver I’m very passionate about it because that is what you’ve earned and owned, and it should be growing your digital footprint. So, uh, go to rate my, claim your profile. All the cool kids are doing it.

Yes, absolutely. Check it out. And some of my very favorite people work there. So even more reason to, uh, to check it out. So we’re going to put that link below where you, my, uh, it’s on the screen there as well. You guys can, can see that. Um, and we’re super excited that, that, that you were able to be here and tell us about it and give us some tips and advice because we all, we all need that we all need the tips, you know, that’s what we,

Yeah. I hope it was helpful, you know, I guess try not to overthink it. And once again, we all need good light. This is no good. That is good.

Yeah, exactly. Camera angles are good. Lighting is good. Yeah.

Yeah. Get a ring light or a box light or both. And you’ll, you’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.

Exactly. Exactly. So I want to be respectful of your time. I know we covered a lot, any last minute tips or advice you want to give anyone or anything before we, before we wrap it up here today,

I don’t know what else I’m looking at my notes to see if there’s any other, I think we covered just about everything. I think so too. I mean, at this point, I’m going to start telling, telling stories about bad haircuts from my past.

Exactly. So make sure you guys connect with Christie over on Instagram. I’ve got her Instagram handle below. Definitely check out, rate my agent, rate my claim your free profile, check that out. And then, you know, if you guys have any other questions for myself or Christie, put those in the chat below, um, I, you know, if you have time Christie here able to cut back and answer a couple of questions, that would be awesome. And then, like I said, we’re going to put this replay up on the podcast in a couple of weeks too. So if you don’t subscribe to the podcast yet, check that out. Um, this has been, this has been super fun. Christie. I feel like we could talk for like another hour about all this

Right. Or musical theater

Or musical theater. Exactly. Exactly. Well, thank you so much. I sure appreciate it. And everyone who’s watching. I so appreciate you. Uh, you being here live and uh, Oh my gosh, bill Risser is, is stirring up trouble in the chat here.

I’m not sure. I’m not sure if he’s asking you or me, if it’s right.

You have not to bill. I have not. Uh, he’s asking, have you kissed Matthew Broderick? I have not, but thank you for asking, but Christie, may

I have kissed Matthew Broderick a lot? Well, going to have you back just

To, just for that story. I mean, just starting, I do have really great understudy stories. So that might be a two drink minimum for we buddy on the live. Absolutely. And if you’re wondering, what the heck is she talking about? Once this goes off the air, watch the replay in the beginning and you’ll, you’ll hear her, uh, her intro you’ll understand what we’re talking about. So, all right. You guys let us know if you have any questions, put those in the chat below. Uh, the last thing I’m going to wrap up with you guys have heard me say this before, and it’s very appropriate when it comes to video done is better than perfect. Done is better than perfect. I know there’s someone out there who needed to hear that. So I’m going to re-share that reminder. I sometimes need to hear that myself as well. Uh, so thank you guys for tuning in. If you watch this later on the replay, let us know in the comments below, let us know if you have any questions and, uh, um, one last time, Christie, my friend. You’re awesome. Thank you so much for being with us today. Virtual hug, virtual hug. Thank you for having me. This was a, this was a great part of my week. Thank you my pleasure. All right, until next time. Bye.

Thanks so much for listening to today’s show. If you want more head over to Katie, and check out the get social smart Academy. Also sign up for a free email newsletter packed full of great content until next time. Get social smart.


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