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How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media

Have you ever said this to yourself, “I’ll just check Facebook really quick…” only to realize that you’ve wasted a half-hour watching Jimmy Fallon videos and reading silly memes? (raising my hand!) ūüôā I know a lot of us like social media – in fact we more than like it, according to statistics, we are more active than ever before on social media.

Statistic: Percentage of U.S. population with a social network profile from 2008 to 2016 | Statista
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According to Entrepreneur Magazine,

“In two surveys of 1,000 people each for traffic-intelligence specialist¬†, 88 percent of Americans say they waste valuable time every day — either on purpose or accidentally — and the cost, in dollars and happiness, can make a big impact on their lives. Those surveyed said they estimate that with every hour they waste,¬†they lose anywhere from an¬†average of $54 to $1,296 a day.”

Whether you are a real estate agent, broker or social media manager – being able to be efficient with our time when it comes to social media, and still find the time to engage online is key.

I asked my good friend, Laura Monroe who is the VP Industry & Strategic Development, RealSatisfied and the Director of Corporate Marketing, Placester and she gave me these insights on how she manages it all:

“Running social for our company means I’m scheduling the night before for posts during the next day – that way I’m not distracting myself from important tasks! But, my day begins on social media from my mobile phone, and have all my platform apps in one coordinated folder on my home screen. All my notifications are turned OFF, so I’m not distracted until I have all my important work-to-dos completed first. Once lunch rolls around, I take that time to engage, respond to messages, and reach out to my network. More scheduling in the afternoon, and more engagement in the evenings when I’m planning the next day. Weekends I slow down and try to disconnect!”

So, how can you be more efficient with your time when it comes to social media?

Here are four of my tried and true methods and the advice I give many of my clients:

  1. Don’t be all things to all people. Pick one or two social media platforms and go ALL IN. You don’t have to be on every single social media platform – unless you want to be and unless it makes sense for your business. If you’ve mastered the art of repurposing content, than yes that makes sense – but for many of us, picking a few platforms and then executing on them well is key. Not sure which ones to be on? Read this!
  2. Put yourself on a schedule. I love checking my social media accounts first thing in the morning – after I get my kids off to school and I’ve settled into my morning with a hot cup of coffee. I have a bit of routine; first Snapchat, then Instagram, them Facebook and then Twitter. I allow myself a half-hour or so, depending on my day – to peruse my accounts personally and professionally. For me, this is a great way to jump-start my day and then I check my accounts periodically as needed throughout the day.
  3. Have a purpose. One of the main reasons why you may feel like social media can be a big waste of time is because you don’t have a purpose or a plan. Stop the random acts of social media! Get a plan together of what type of content you are going to post to each platform, how often, who is going to manage it and how you are going to use those platforms to grow your business.
  4. Unplug!¬†Part of why we like social media is for the cat videos, the silly photos of our friend’s pets, the adorable babies – so give yourself time to enjoy that! But, do it at a time that makes sense for you and your business – like in the evening or during your lunch break.
4 tips for social media time management!

4 tips for social media time management!

In addition, having the right tools in place to be effective in social media is key.

Some of my must-have tools for social media time management are:

  • Hootsuite and MeetEdgar for scheduling some content for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Groups (also to use for monitoring.)
  • Facebook Pages Manager app for managing Facebook Page notifications.
  • Twitter lists for curating content.
  • A notepad for jotting down ideas down during the day.
  • A clock! Seriously though – being very cognizant how much time you have is key!

What else can you do to be more efficient when it comes to social media? 

Suzanne Roy, Director of Social Media Marketing, says,

“Just do it.¬† Turn it off, that is!¬† Designate 10 mins in the morning, and 10 mins in the evening to update and converse with others and you’ll save yourself hours of time watching puppies frolicking and babies blowing raspberries.”

Kevin Julliano, Digital Media Manager at Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and Bill Risser, VP, Digital Strategy at Chicago Title Agency emphasize the value of lists to keep yourself organized and on task for social media.

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Here are a few additional resources that may be helpful for you!

Also, check out our Facebook Playlist all on Social Media Time Management (click this link and scroll down to see the playlist!) What’s your best tip for social media time management? Leave us a comment below or in our awesome Facebook community!

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