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Thriving in Flexibility | Interview with Nicole Nicolay

Is it possible to achieve balance between work and family? Where does health and wellness come into play? Can you be the hero for your clients and your family at the same time? In our recent podcast, I had a great conversation with my dear friend and incredibly awesome Realtor, Nicole Nicolay. 

I’ve known Nicole for years and first met Nicole on social media and then on the speaker circuit when we both spoke at many events for Inman, NAR and others. Since then she has joined ‘the family business’ (real estate) and in our interview, she shares candidly her thoughts around the ‘ebb and flow’ of her life, how she thrives in flexibility, how she prioritizes being a triathlete and why health is so important to her, how she communicates with her family and clients and more. 

I have also long-admired Nicole for the incredible marketer that she is. We chatted about how marketing has changed and what marketing is working for her right now. If you aren’t following her or checking out her awesome videos – you are missing out!

I know you will love this interview! Thank you Nicole! 

About Nicole:

Nicole Nicolay is a full-time REALTOR® passionate about helping her clients love where they live, even more.

Growing up in the business, Nicole found her calling in real estate marketing. She traveled for nearly a decade training and speaking to over 200,000 agents nationwide. She created and delivered educational programs for nearly every major real estate brand, as well as for the National Association of REALTORS®. After both of her companies were acquired in 2013, Nicole joined the family business as a local REALTOR®. 

Nicole has been recognized as “Rookie of the Year” and “Grand Master” by the BayEast Association of Realtors for outstanding achievement in sales and service to her clients. She co-founded the popular movement “Love Livermore” in order to facilitate a greater sense of community both online and offline. She has also been named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate.

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