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  • Speaking

    I have had the good fortune to speak to thousands of professionals on stage and online. In the last three years alone, I have spoken to more than 100,000 professionals on stages big and small all across North America.

    My style is upbeat and personal. I believe we learn best through stories and examples of concepts in action. All of my presentations have key takeaways that attendees can implement into their business immediately.

    One of the biggest compliments that event organizers give me time and time again is: “You are so relatable on stage. We love how you really break down concepts in an easy-to-digest format.”




    I have spoken in front of crowds from a few hundred to a few thousand and specialize in speaking on topics such as:

    #GetSocialSmart: How to Hone Your Social Media Strategy

    Tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to social media? This is Katie Lance’s signature presentation which focuses on how to intentionally use social media to build better relationships with your clients (past, present and future), how to cut through the noise of social media, how to manage the time suck that social media can be, how to maximize Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and emerging platforms like Snapchat and live video, how to use a content grid to jump-start your strategy, best practices of Facebook advertising and how to turn likes into leads.

    Video Marketing: The Who, What, Where and How

    If a picture is a thousand words, imagine the power of video! There is no better platform than video to connect with your clients, to build trust and to generate new business. In this class, Katie Lance will teach the fundamentals of video marketing, how to get started, when to outsource, simple equipment needed to start today, how to master YouTube and Facebook videos, how to create great video content for little to no cost, how to maximize Facebook Live and other live streaming platforms and how to integrate your video marketing plan into your overall strategy.

    How to Master Instagram and Snapchat

    Ready to reach the next generation? Instagram and Snapchat are two of the fastest growing social media platforms. In this class, Katie Lance will teach the fundamentals of each platform, how to use each platform to craft the story of what it feels like to work with you, how to maximize low-cost advertising options to build your brand and generate new business, case study examples and how to integrate Instagram and Snapchat into your overall marketing plan.

    How to Tell Your Story Online

    Have you ever wondered how to craft a smart online strategy? In this class, Katie Lance teaches you how to create your online story by teaching you how to create a comprehensive content marketing plan including: how to create your pillar pieces of content such as blog or video content, how to repurpose each piece of content effectively over social media platforms, how to maximize and grow your email list, how social media advertising and Facebook can support your online story, how to create a 12-month content plan quickly and easily and how emerging platforms like Instagram and Snapchat can play a role.

    How to Rock Your Facebook Marketing

    Facebook is still the number one social media platform – but it seems to change almost daily! With personal profiles, business pages, advertising, groups and more – it can be overwhelming to decide how to use Facebook effectively. In this class, Katie Lance teaches how to effectively use your Facebook personal profile to build better relationships with your clients and generate referral business, how to craft a smart Facebook business page strategy, when to post and how often, what type of content should you be posting, how to maximize Facebook ads and how to build community through groups. We don’t leave any Facebook stones unturned in this class!

    Every presentation is always modified for the group to make sure attendees get the most out of my message. Generally my keynote messages are 45-60 minutes in length, but I am also available to do workshop-style presentations.

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    url“Katie was able to customize a training program for our real estate associate group which incorporated the specific theme of our event. Despite the varied levels of experience in the audience, Katie was able to deliver content that reached them all, and kept the material moving. We appreciate her willingness to take the time to understand our needs, those of the audience, and to deliver a custom program.” — John De Souza, VP Operations for Cressy & Everett Real Estate


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