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Social Media Strategy 2022: What Should Real Estate Agents Post to Social Media?

This video is all about your social media strategy in 2022. What should real estate agents post to social media? Well, I’ve got you covered!

Content Idea #1: Start with your pillar content
This is content in your voice, with your personality, with your opinion. Remember, social media is rented ground so creating unique content is key! What are the questions you get asked all the time? Who have you worked with in the last 3-6 months? When you create a library of content – you can share it today and in the future! This type of content builds your credibility!

Content Idea #2: Inspirational or funny
What inspires you? Inspirational and funny content helps to make you more relatable. I love using the WordSwag app to create inspirational content. To be funny on social media- well, sometimes being funny is tricky! The key here is to turn the joke on yourself with self-deprecating humor!

Content Idea #3: Stories
I can get the facts anywhere – incorporate stories more into your posts! Remember, it’s less about you and more about them. Use tools like Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories to tell better stories with your content.

Content Idea #4: Community
Shine the light on your community! Brainstorm a list of your favorite places in town and post about that business – tag them! You can even reach out and introduce yourself and interview them. This is a great way to build those connections.

Watch this great interview with Eddie Campos here.

Content Idea #5: Promotional
This type of content includes listings, just sold, testimonials, open houses and more. This is social proof that you are good at what you do and that you love what you do. This content is most effective when you are also laying in other types of content. Balance is key!

Wondering how to promote listings on social media? Watch this.

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