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5 Niche Markets for Real Estate Landing Pages

Thank you to Jennifer Snyder, real estate marketing consultant, speaker and blogger at Marketing Ideas for Agents for contributing this post.

Website landing pages are a lead gold mine for Realtors when they done right. Think about it. You are driving targeted prospects to a page just for them on your website. When they get to this page they find all the information they are craving. They realize they can trust you to understand their needs. They then feel comfortable filling out your email opt-in form and you now have a lead. Exciting stuff!

Yet for landing pages to work you have to narrow down the niches you want to target. I think this is hard because of course you want to sell houses to everyone. I promise you though, if you narrow down your focus you will produce leads.

Here are five ideas of niche markets that you can target for landing pages on your website.

  1. Millennials

There are over 80 million millennials in this country. The National Association of Realtors has said that this year millennials will enter the housing market in droves. Many agents are not ready to meet the needs of the millennials. Show them you are different by creating a landing page that caters to their generation.

Ideas for a millennial landing page include:

  • Free Report: 10 things you must know before you start looking for a house
  • Free Report: Things to look for when hiring a real estate agent
  • Checklist: Items I must have in my new home
  • Checklist: External factors that are important to my home search (schools, location, commute, etc.)
  • List: Best apps for the home buying process
  • Quiz: Are you ready to buy a house?

Millennials crave information more than earlier generations. Give them what they want and you will be their hero! The great thing about millennials is they are loyal. They will also work hard to send you referrals.

  1. New Construction

Building a new house is an overwhelming process. There are so many choices to make, potential delays and issues that come up. This can be one of the more stressful home buying experiences. Create a landing page and help new construction home buyers learn about the building process.

Ideas for a new construction landing page include:

  • Free Report: 10 reasons why you need your own Realtor when building a house
  • Free Report: 10 potential issues that can come up when building a house and how to solve them
  • Video Report: Upgrades that will give you the most bang for your buck
  • Checklist: 20 things you must ask every builder
  • Pinterest Link: Link to your new construction Pinterest board. Include popular paint and decorating trends. Include ideas for landscaping and outdoor activity areas.
  1. Farming Neighborhoods

It is a proven fact that postcard marketing to farming neighborhoods still works. How about making it work a little better though? In your postcards include a link to your website just for that farming area. Then on your landing page create resources that appeal to the people in your area. Make sure to state on the page that this landing page is for your farming neighborhood. Include a welcome message like “Welcome Grove Park Neighborhood.” This will get their attention right off the bat!

Ideas for a farming neighborhood landing page include:

  • Links to neighborhood Facebook groups
  • Community events (gives people a reason to come back to your site!)
  • Winter & Spring Maintenance Checklists
  • Monthly/Quarterly report of neighborhood home values
  • Coupons for local restaurants (great way to partner with local businesses!)
  • A video review of interesting events, classes or events that you have been to in your area

A custom neighborhood landing page will show people you have roots in the community. This will help you earn their trust. You will be the first person they think of when they are ready to buy or sell their home!

  1. Relocation

Buyers looking to move into an area are in desperate need of information! They want to learn everything about the area before they move. Give them what they are looking for and show them you are the leading expert in your city.

Ideas for a relocation landing page include:

  • Free report: 10 things you need to know about [city] before moving
  • List: 20 new groups to help you get to know people in [city]
  • The Best List: Include the best of everything in your city
  • Unique facts about your city
  • Festivals and big events in your area
  • Schools and their ratings from

Moving to a new city or state is overwhelming! Show relocation prospects that you understand how they feel. Give them the information they need to feel more comfortable about the move. They will see you as a trusted expert for your area and feel confident to hire you as their agent!

  1. For Sale By Owner

Every agent has a similar process for marketing to for sale by owner’s. Mail, call, mail some more. I think there is an opportunity to be different from other agents when marketing to FSBO’s. Instead create a custom landing page for people that try to sell their house on their own.

Ideas for a for sale by owner landing page include:

  • Free Report: 10 things to consider before selling your house
  • Free Report: How to be safe when selling your house
  • Free Report: 5 top concerns of every for sale by owner
  • Video: 10 quick tips to get your house ready for a showing
  • Infographic: The Home Sale Process

There is a percentage of for sale by owners that end up throwing in the towel and calling a Realtor. Or the for sale by owner may sell their house but want an agent to represent them on the purchase of a new home. The for sale by owner will see you as a trusted resource. Instead of selling them on your services you gave them the information they needed.  When they realize they need an agent they will call you!

The beauty of a landing page is you can write the content once and it applies to many people in your target market! You are customizing your marketing for these niches without creating more work for you. You also build trust with these groups and show them that you are their expert.

Tips for free reports and lists:

  • If you don’t want to write the content for the landing page or reports have a ghostwriter do it. They are easy to find on places like Elance or Odesk.
  • Make your free report look professional. Add graphics, a table of contents and bonus features. Make it stand out!
  • Include your name in the title of the report for the saved file. This way when people save it your name will show on the file on their desktop.
  • Make the free report mobile friendly and make it PDF. Make it something people can easily download and access over and over.
  • Include your contact info in every item that a prospect could download. Then they aren’t scrambling to find your info when they need it.
  • It is okay to do a little self-promotion on a landing page, but do not sell. Include a short bio or even better, a video introducing yourself.
  • On each landing page include a welcome greeting for your target market. A simple “Welcome Target Market Name” will impress prospects.

The key to producing leads from your landing page is to include an email opt-in offer. Take one of the ideas I have given above or one of your own, and create an impressive opt-in offer. Include an email sign up form on your landing page advertising the free report.  When they give you their email, automatically email the report to your prospect. You now have the email address of a prospect that trusts you and wants to hear from you again. This is how you make your website work for you and make it produce leads!


Jen Prof Photo Small_7369Jennifer Snyder is a real estate marketing consultant, speaker and blogger at Marketing Ideas for Agents. She researches marketing ideas, tools and resources that will make real estate agents’ lives easier and help them grow their businesses.



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