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The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 080

In this podcast, I’m excited to share with you a really special conversation that I had with two dear friends and colleagues, Chelsea Peitz and Marki Lemons-Ryhal. Both of these ladies you have heard on our podcast before. Marki and Chelsea are both keynote speakers, social media strategists, and authors just like myself. In this conversation, we get a bit more personal. 

We talk about a number of things including sexism and racism, especially when it comes to being speakers in the real estate industry. We talk about being a conscientious leader and having empathy, especially during the times that we are in right now. We also touch on things like how to have multiple revenue streams, the power of self publishing books and the power of podcasting. 

We cover a lot of hot topics in this conversation! These ladies are the real deal, and I know you will enjoy listening to our candid conversation. 

Topics we covered:

  • Sexism and racism as speakers
  • Conscientious leadership and empathy
  • Multiple revenue streams and the power of self-publishing 
  • The power of podcasting

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