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What I’ve Learned: YouTube

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 071

Are you on YouTube? I’ve had my YouTube channel for a very long time, but it really wasn’t until about three years ago that I actually started to take it seriously. The way I used to treat YouTube is it used to just be the place where I would put a bunch of videos and then I would never do anything with them. It was like the dusty library and there wasn’t a whole lot happening. But three years ago my team and I decided to get more serious about YouTube and we launched our #GetSocialSmart Show. 

So fast forward to today and we have a thriving weekly show. We have a video on YouTube that comes out every Wednesday where I share social media tips, tools and strategies. Having our show has changed our business in a big, big way. It has helped to grow our community. I can’t tell you how many people hire me or want me to teach or reach out to me or decide to join our Academy because they found me first on YouTube. 

So in this podcast, I’m sharing behind-the-scenes of our YouTube channel, how it has impacted our business in so many ways and tips for you if you are just getting started on the platform.  

Lessons learned:

  • You have to get your family onboard
  • Batching is key
  • Consistency is also key –  it’s ok to repeat content
  • Focus on top of the funnel content
  • Creating consistent videos creates a snowball effect
  • Be in it for the long game!

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