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Virtual Open House Mastery

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 070

In today’s episode I want to take you behind-the-scenes and talk a little bit about virtual open house mastery. In the past few months, I have taught thousands, probably close to tens of thousands of agents, how to do a virtual open house specifically through Facebook Live.

In this episode I’m sharing what I’m seeing work really well for agents, the systems and steps that we recommend, and tips and best practices to help you master your virtual open house skills.

Lessons learned:

  • It’s a 3-part system (promote, show up, promote after)
  • What are you going to do before to get people to show up and tune in to your Facebook Live? What are you going to do during to keep people engaged and to watch the replay as well. Finally, what are you going to do afterwards to follow up?
  • Use other platforms (such as Instagram) and email to promote your Facebook Live ahead of time.  
  • It’s all about storytelling – don’t just tell the facts of the home, tell the story!
  • Practice, practice, practice. Going live can be nerve-wracking, but the more often you do it, the easier it gets and the better you get!    

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