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How You Exit Means More Than How You Enter

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 066

How you exit a relationship, especially a professional relationship, is just as important (if not more) than how you enter it. Over the years we have experienced a number of endings, whether that’s with an employee, a client contract or project completion. 

In this episode, I’m sharing my thoughts around ending professional relationships and how to do so gracefully and respectfully. 

Lessons learned:

  • Not returning emails or phone calls and essentially “ghosting someone” is completely unprofessional. 
  • At the end of a relationship it can feel sticky and awkward, and it is. But it’s a small world, so always go above and beyond when it comes to ending a professional relationship.
  • If you’re leaving a job, offer to stay on a few extra days to help train your replacement, or create a detailed outline of duties to help make the transition as easy as possible.
  • If you’re ending a client relationship, offer to connect them with someone who would be a better fit. 

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