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Your Logo Doesn’t Have to Be on Everything

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 064

When it comes to marketing, I think a lot of times we get hung up on the fact that in order to brand ourselves we have to slap our logo on everything. I don’t necessarily agree with that philosophy. I think branding and marketing is so much more than your logo!

To me, it’s really the experience of what it feels like to work with your company, with your brand. In this podcast I share a few of my insights on building your brand online – without plastering your logo on everything! 

Lessons learned:

  • How you’re crafting your messages is key – your content creates the experience for your audience.
  • When thinking about your brand voice, it helps to think through who you are speaking to specifically.
  • There’s a lot of power leaning into who you are…and who you are not. 
  • When you think about your content, whether it’s videos, Facebook Live, podcast content, social media content, you want to write a book, whatever it might be, you want to think about who is that ideal person who’s listening and who’s watching.

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