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Never Run Out of Things to Say on Social Media

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 062

Have you ever just been stuck with what to say on social media? In this week’s podcast I wanted to share a few of my best tried and true tactics for crushing your content strategy and how to never – EVER run out of content ideas! 

This podcast includes a few of my own ideas and a few of my favorites from some colleagues I trust. Take a listen!

Lessons learned:

  • Look at your life as content.
  • Be a good finder. Be on the lookout for people doing good things and highlight other people, whether it’s on a broad scale, or something small in your local area.
  • Check your inbox and you’ll get lots of inspiration for what to post on social media. If you’re asked a question more than once, that’s a great piece of content.
  • Check out the website Answer the Public. (Tip from Melanie Deziel)
  • Look beyond the covers for content. Look for a book on Amazon and then when you go to that book, look at the table of contents. (Tip from Pat Flynn)
  • Always have a notebook handy to write down ideas and inspiration! 

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