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How and Why to Build an Email List

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 050

As much as I love social media, I also know that it’s equally important to have a solid email marketing strategy. There’s something really powerful about owning your own email list. I feel the same way about content. You want to own your content, you want to integrate social media, but you also want to have a strong email list that you have built and cultivated.

I want to encourage you to start thinking about building your email list and this episode is going to give you some tips, a little bit of my lessons learned, why I think it’s important and just a few strategies for you as you are thinking about building your list going forward. 

Lessons learned:

  • You have to start now. Start with where you are at.
  • Just like any other marketing, email marketing is all about being intentional. 
  • Don’t spam. Don’t buy lists.
  • Consider creating a lead magnet and a landing page to build your list. 

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