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How to Create Great Work

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 042

A few years back I saw a video that really inspired me. The video was by Ira Glass, an American public radio personality and host of This American Life.

The video is all about storytelling and doing creative work. One of the things he talks about in this video is the idea that we all want to do great work. It doesn’t matter what industry we’re in. Maybe it’s writing a book, maybe it’s launching a podcast, maybe it’s putting out video content or improving our marketing. But most of us won’t produce great work out of the gate. 

We all have to start somewhere and do the work – and at first the work might be bad. It might be really bad. But if you don’t actually do the work, it’s not going to happen and you’re not going to have that success that you really want to. You’ve got to get through doing really bad work to get to the great stuff! 

Lessons learned:

  • Great work doesn’t happen overnight. We all have to start somewhere. 
  • You have to go through actually creating work to get better.
  • We shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people
  • You can read the books, you can listen to the videos, you can go to events, you can get all fired up…but if you don’t actually do the work, it’s not going to happen

Additional resources:

  • Ira Glass on the Creative Process 
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