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Who Are You Getting Advice From?

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 040

Have you ever asked someone’s advice only to realize that maybe they weren’t the best person to ask? In this week’s podcast episode, I share a few tips and lessons learned on how to ask for feedback and who to ask for that feedback.

Whether you are thinking about making some changes personally or professionally in the year ahead – this podcast will give you a few ideas on who to ask for advice (and who not to ask!)

Lessons learned:

  • When we are searching for answers – we ask a lot of people. Be careful about asking too many people at one time. Not everyone is qualified to give you actionable advice.
  • Think about who you are asking – some people’s motives aren’t always the purest. to see who is giving you that advice and ask yourself, ‘are they biased?’
  • Be as specific as possible with feedback that you are asking for!

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