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The Invisible Load

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 039

Do you ever feel like you are carrying in your head all of these teeny tiny details of things that need to get done – for everyone in your family? Are you ever tired of feeling like you are the only one who is juggling your schedule – PLUS everyone else’s “to do” list?!

I have felt this way and it’s something I struggle with – even though I have an amazing husband who carries so much of the load with me. I still feel overwhelmed by the ‘invisible load.’

In this podcast episode I share my thoughts which were inspired by an article I read recently (link below.) I struggle with this and would love to know if you do too. Take a listen and then let me know!

Lessons learned:

  • I am learning not to be as much as a micromanager of everyone else in my family. Done is better than perfect!
  • I am learning to ask for help more and to let go of the things that aren’t really as important.
  • I am learning to give myself grace more – something I think a lot of moms can relate to!

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