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How and Why We Updated Our Website

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 038

When you take on the monumental task of updating a website – there is a lot to consider: how much to spend, who to hire, what to include on your site and what not (and so much more!)

Brands and businesses change – so what was relevant or important to your brand a few years ago may need to change – as we discovered.

This podcast is the story of how and why we updated our website this past year. I hope by sharing my journey from no website the first year we were in business – to where we are now will help you as you think about your brand and your business.

Take a listen to our story and let me know what you think!

Lessons learned:

  • I know enough about websites to be dangerous – if you feel this way too, it pays to hire a pro! Look at what you can afford and then stretch your budget a little bit more if possible
  • Evaluate your brand and remember – less is more
  • Do you have a website that converts to generate leads? Or, helps to increase views to email subscribers? One and/or both goals are important to consider!
  • Start small and you can always scale up
  • Done is better than perfect

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