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How I Really Feel About TikTok

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 037

Everyone keeps asking me how I really feel about TikTok – so here we go! In this episode I dive into answering questions like:

“Should I be on it? Should I let my kids use it? Should Realtors be on it?” (and much more.)

My answer may surprise you but if you are a mom, a real estate pro or just curious in general what the heck TikTok is and if you should be on it – take a listen!

Lessons learned:

  • Trust your kids but always check out a new app before letting them download something new. For us, we believe in trusting our kids but also being aware of what may or may not be appropriate for them to watch. It’s a personal decision and you have to do what is right for your family!
  • Just because something is “new and shiny” – doesn’t mean it is right for you and your business. Is your potential customer on the platform? Who are you trying to attract?
  • We can learn a lot about video from TikTok – if anything, the app is super entertaining!

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