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Traveling Secrets for Keeping Your Sanity

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 033

Do you travel a lot for work or personally? Or, are you someone that has a little bit of anxiety when it comes to traveling? I spend a lot of time on the road speaking and between traveling for business and family vacations with my boys – I’ve collected a few of my favorite traveling tips – to keep you sane, no matter what!

  1. Get to the airport early – don’t cut it too short. Get there early without stressing out. Use the extra time to grab a bite to eat, get some work done, etc. It is worth it!
  2. When booking travel – try to avoid traffic times. Think about what time you will be commuting or driving to your airport, home or hotel.
  3. If you can afford it – book a better seat! The extra amount of legroom can make a big difference especially if you have to get work done on the plane or are traveling with small children. You don’t have to spring for first class but look into business class (especially if you are flying more than 3-4 hours!)
  4. Get a credit card to get miles and points. Having a credit card that you use for personal or business that gets you points – makes a big difference. Only do this if this is financially feasible for you. Having an airline (or hotel) specific credit card many times will let you book a better seat or book a better room.
  5. Pick one airline and stick with it – the perks add up.
  6. Bring bottle water and snacks with you. Never rely on the snack cart on the airplane – but don’t bring your McDonald’s or smelly burritos onboard – please! Smells great to you – not so great to everyone else 4 hours later!
  7. Don’t over pack. Layering is key. Keep all your important things in the same place each time. Don’t check your important documents or medicine.
  8. Bonus: Get TSA Pre-Check and/or Clear – it makes traveling SO much easier!

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