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How I Get Ready for a Presentation

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 027

I speak at a lot of different real estate conferences and I am on the road quite a bit. In fact, in my last episode, I talked a little bit about my favorite packing and travel hacks. So if you struggle with over-packing or you’re curious about some of my travel hacks, make sure you listen to that last episode.

As a professional speaker – I have been speaking for years and I speak to all different size audiences from a few hundred to a few thousand. And although oftentimes I’m giving similar presentations, every presentation is different because every audience is different, every group is different, and it’s something I take a lot of pride in.

I would say over the past few years, I’ve really been focused on honing my craft and really honing how I think about presentations, honing my stage presence and really thinking about the whole process. In fact, last year I was fortunate enough to attend a great event through Heroic Public Speaking. This has been a great resource for me to really improve my presentation skills.

Here are a few tips that have helped me tremendously:

1. First, I always think about “what’s the purpose of this talk?” What’s the desired result? What do I want people to feel at the end of that presentation? Who is my audience?

As you start to work on your presentation and practice it, you’ll start to think about what are certain things you want to add, delete, where are there opportunities to emphasize certain words, certain stories, and I particularly really like to write out the beginning and the end. How are you going to open it? What’s your story? What’s your hook and then how are you going to close it?

2. Next, there is nothing like just getting on your feet and saying it out loud. There’s so much value in just getting up, literally standing at wherever you’re at in your office, your kitchen, wherever it might be, and start saying it out loud including rehearsing your movement, your tonality, and all the different pieces of that presentation.

3. Be prepared the night before and the day of. I always make sure the night before I meet with the conference organizer, I want to meet them in person. I want to get a sense of what the room looks like. I want to stand on that stage and if possible, I want to work with the tech team to check my sound, check the slides. Always check the slides! If there’s any audio/visual, make sure you run through that. You also want to make sure that that conference organizer has an intro or a bio for you. Make it easy for them. Print it out, hand it to them, make it easy for them to introduce you to really set yourself up for success.

Now the night before, this goes without saying, but get a lot of rest, right? The night before isn’t the time to stay up all hours of the night. I like to get to my hotel, you know, have a good dinner. And then I will also do rehearsal just in my room again on my feet, practicing and running through the material.

The day of the presentation I like to get there early. I like to greet people. I like to also sit in the room and get a sense of who’s speaking before me, so if possible, I can maybe bring in a little bit about what they said and reference that in my presentation.

There is so much more that I could share when it comes to how I get ready for a presentation and I would really love to hear from you if you would like to hear more of this from me. If this is something that you are interested in, I’m happy to explore it more here on the podcast.

And by the way, if you are looking for a great speaker, I would love to be considered. I love getting up on stage and sharing what I know. It’s one of the greatest gifts that I feel like I’ve been blessed with!

Lessons learned:

  • Be prepared – be over-prepared.
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!
  • There is nothing like getting on stage and just doing the work to hone your craft.

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