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My Fave Packing and Travel Hacks

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 026

I’m on the road a lot. I usually have anywhere between 20 to 30 speaking engagements each and every year, which means I’m in and out of hotel rooms and airplanes quite a bit. I’m excited to share in this podcast (in no particular order) some of my fave hacks, tools and products.

Tip 1: Carry on your bags when possible. There’s nothing worse than having to check a bag, so you will learn really quickly when you travel a lot to carry on when possible, pack as light as possible. I always like to really think ahead of time what it is that I’m doing during that event. If I’m going to be gone for two or three days, I will literally think about what it is I’m going to be wearing when I’m flying, what’s happening when I’m getting to that event, what am I wearing on stage, what am I wearing when I’m leaving, do I have to change in the evening?

Tip 2. Invest in a good bag. It’s really worth it to invest in a good bag. My first year of traveling, any of my colleagues could probably laugh about this, because I remember having like the worst cheap luggage, things that would fall apart. It’s really worth it to invest in a great bag. I love Tumi. It’s not the cheapest, but if you travel a lot, having good quality luggage makes a really, really big difference.

Tip 3: Have duplicates. If you do travel a lot, make it easy. I like to have duplicates as far as some of my toiletries and some of my makeup, that way I’m not constantly packing, repacking, packing, repacking, I can just grab and go, so having some duplicates makes a really big difference.

Tip 4: Have your go-to travel clothes. You want to have travel clothes that you look nice in but are comfy. For example, if you have a meeting with a client as soon as you get off the plane that’s unexpected, you want to be prepared for that. But, you also want to be really comfortable. Know what looks good on you but is comfortable to wear for long stretches of time (including your shoes!)

Tip 5: Use packing cubes. Packing cubes are something that I always had heard about and I thought, “Oh what’s the big deal?” Then my family went on a cruise this past summer. I actually did a podcast about that a few episodes ago. Packing cubes make a really, really big difference. Game changer!

Tip 6: Pack things that will pull double-duty. Pack things that are going to pull double-duty. Perhaps you have a light sweater that you can wear on the airplane – but maybe it’s also something you can wear out to dinner. For me, I am onstage, so I’m always thinking about what am I wearing on stage, and worst case scenario, what if that outfit got stained? Is there something else that can be used as a backup, or do I have something like another jacket? I also think about the colors that I’m wearing and I try to be really kind of consistent so it all sort of mixes and matches. Side note – bring or wear your most bulky items. It’s always better to wear those bulky items but pack things that can pull double-duty.

Tip 7:, Always be prepared if your luggage gets lost. Now, your luggage won’t get lost if you follow my tip number one, which is carry on when possible, but sometimes we can’t avoid it. Sometimes we’re traveling with family. Sometimes we’re going somewhere for a few weeks and we have to check a bag. Be prepared if your luggage gets lost. If you are checking luggage, make sure you have with you your most important things, your ID, any electronics, maybe even bring an extra pair of clothes.

Bonus tip: If you plan on traveling a lot, pick an airline, or a hotel chain, or both that you really want to commit to, and if possible, get a credit card. If it makes sense for you financially, getting a credit card for that specific hotel or that specific airline will only help you in terms of building up your points, getting those frequent flyer miles, and that all helps. My husband, we’ve been able to cash in on a lot of those points that I’ve acquired for business, for family vacations or weekends away, things like that. So instead of hopping around and trying to find the best deal in town, I recommend picking one airline, picking one hotel chain, sticking with it, and if it makes sense financially, getting a credit card with that particular line as well, and that can always help.

I would love to hear from you what is one of your favorite travel hacks? Do you have a favorite travel hack? Let me know. Reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram. Let me know that you listened to this episode. Share with me a favorite tip and I will re-share that out with my audience, as well.

Lessons learned:

  • Pack light. Most likely there are stores where you are going in case you forgot something!
  • Invest in quality luggage and clothes.
  • Remember – whatever you pack, you have to carry!

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