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The Why and How to Lean Into Your Niche Market

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 017

If you need heart surgery do you want a general surgeon or do you want the best heart surgeon you can find? No one wants to hire a generalist – we want to hire the best specialist we can find right?

The riches are in the niches and in this episode I share my own journey in trying to be “all things to all people” and the transformation that came to my business when I really focused on my core audience – where I was known – in the real estate space!

After you take a listen, I’d love to hear from you and hear your struggles with this – message me on Facebook or Instagram!

Lessons learned:

  • No one wants to hire a generalist. Be specific
  • Ask yourself, “Who do you love working with (or, not?)” This will give you some insight on who your ideal client is.
  • What are the questions people ask you all the time? This answer can help you to form your niche!

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