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Unplugging for a Week

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 015 | July 5, 2019

When is the last time you unplugged? Truly unplugged? Recently, we took an amazing Disney Cruise to Alaska. It was an incredible vacation; truly a bucket list item. During that time, I decided to completely unplug; no social media, no email – nothing! This was the first time in nearly ten years that I unplugged and ‘went off the grid.’

We said to ourselves, “What if we put our out of office and just went on vacation like it was 1990?” The good news – we did it! Listen to the full podcast and let me know your thoughts and I’d love to hear over on Facebook or Instagram when was the last time YOU unplugged?

Lessons learned

  • You aren’t that important LOL. Ok, yes of course you are important – but you aren’t so important you can’t take a few days offline, right?! You can do this! Set the right expectations with your clients and/or colleagues and just do it!
  • Be in the moment – this is the best gift you can give those around you.
  • Build your team, your resources and your systems to be able to do this effectively
  • Don’t be so busy watching other people’s lives that you aren’t living yours.
  • Are you looking at your device out of habit or ON PURPOSE.

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  • Marketing the Disney way

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