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How We Built Our Team

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 010

Have you ever thought about building a team or are ready to grow your team? This podcast episode I share my thoughts on building and maintaining a team, how we find great people, what happens when your business evolves and more.

When I started our company, it was “me, myself and I” and as the business grew it got to the point where I started missing things. Things started to fall through the cracks – and I knew it was time to bring on someone to help. Over time, our team has evolved and I’m so thankful for everyone who has worked with us – now and in the past. We’ve been fortunate to work with some great people.

As we’ve grown our small but mighty virtual team – we believe in growing slowly to build stability and to maintain a sustainable environment. How do we hire? Simple – we look for good people. Character counts! We also look for people with a strong work ethic – people who do what they say they are going to do, people who don’t ‘pass the buck’ but take responsibility. At the end of the day, businesses grow and change and sometimes what you need when you start isn’t what you need a few years later – and that is ok!

It’s also super important to set up systems and treat your business like a business. Pay people on time. Have your systems in place like: NDA’s for your team, contracts for your team members and clients, payment systems (not through Venmo or PayPal but through a business banking account!) We love using tools like Asana for project management and the Voxer mobile app to communicate quickly when needed.

Growing your team is an evolution and a big part of that for me has been my own personal development. Join me for my next t episode where I talk about how I invest in myself – professionally and personally through reading, courses, and more!

Lessons learned:

  • Treat your business like a business.
  • Hire for your weaknesses. Don’t try to do it all. What do YOU do that you are really good at that moves things forward?
  • Systems are key. When you 1st start – everything is in your head. Asana will help to being organized. Systemize your business.

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