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How My Love of Online Learning Inspired Our #GetSocialSmart Academy

The Katie Lance Podcast Episode 007

This podcast episode is the back-story of how I became so inspired with online learning that it helped transform our business by creating our #GetSocialSmart Academy. I was inspired early on from online marketing pioneer, Laura Roeder who is now the founder of MeetEdgar. I remember listening to webinars she hosted nearly a decade ago and being blown away and thought to myself, “This is such a great way to learn. Here I am in my home office and fuzzy slippers. I would love to run a business one day and be able to offer this type of learning!”

Fast-forward to my first webinar I ever hosted back when I worked for Inman News. I was so nervous and quickly realized how different webinars were from speaking onstage. But here’s the truth – we live in an on-demand world with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others. Not only that – but attention is truly the name of the game. When someone signs up for your webinar and then they choose to attend live – they are choosing to spend an hour with you. That is a really big deal!

This epiphany inspired our first iteration of #GetSocialSmart – our first 6-week course which was cobbled together with Go To Meeting, Dropbox, Mailchimp – but guess what? It worked! And, more importantly it served a huge need. In our next episode, you will hear more about that story!

Lessons learned:

  • Give people more than they expect. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Find your voice. Be brave and vulnerable.
  • The riches are in the niches. When you lean into who you are and who you are not – so much is possible!

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