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  • [Webinar Replay] Developing a Website Content Strategy That Works

    • March 7, 2017
    •   Posted By Katie Lance
    [Webinar Replay] Developing a Website Content Strategy That Works

    In this webinar viewers learned how to jumpstart their brand’s content strategy with expert advice from myself and my friends and partners at Placester.

    In this webinar, we outlined what it takes to create personalized, informative content for your audience and shared detailed tips and tricks on everything from how to make your content visually appealing to what it takes to get found by the right people online. In this session we covered 5 steps in the content strategy process:

    Step One: Consider Your Audience When Planning Content. Think about what your primary demographic wants (and needs) to learn. Knowing intricate details about your community can be a big advantage when it comes to developing fresh, informative content for your website. There’s no detail too small for you to share about your market on your site. Some of the most crucial info to share includes:

    • Tidbits on local businesses: from the biggest employers to the premier retailers and shops
    • Updates on new housing developments, recreational options, and other amenities
    • Details about regularly occurring events, like annual music/film festivals and open markets

    Step Two: Offer Your Original Insights via Your Blog Posts. Your real estate blog is one of the best lead-nurturing tools at your disposal. You have a wealth of knowledge about and an original perspective on real estate, so share your expertise in comprehensive blog posts on your website. Buyers and sellers constantly need advice on how to best research homes and agents, so provide top tips on your blog, including:

    • How buyers can arrange their finances and credit to get approved for a mortgage
    • Ways sellers can effectively prepare their homes aesthetically for open houses/showings
    • Ideas for buyers and/or sellers on what to look for in an agent who would represent them

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    Step Three: Produce More In-Depth Resources You Can Gate. Go a step further with your content efforts by developing long-form guides. Take time to construct lengthy, educational content for your niche audience, and gate some of your content behind lead capture forms. Fine-tune your content creation skills over time by creating long-form assets that educate your buyer/seller audience, like:

    • Reports that feature that latest housing data for your market (e.g. home sales/price stats)
    • Guides that teach your prospective leads how to navigate the home/agent search process
    • Infographics and other visually compelling assets that reiterate blog/resource content

    Step Four: Make Multimedia a Big Priority for Your Website. Enhance your online presence with videos highlighting your brand and market. There are few other content assets you can create (if any) that are more appealing to prospective home buyer and seller clients than videos. With the right production equipment in place (sometimes this just means a smartphone), you can create videos like:

    • Explainer videos that describe your business history, sales record, industry certifications, etc.
    • Listing and neighborhood tour videos that showcase homes for sale and your market
    • Advice-oriented videos that position you as a thought leader and inform your potential leads

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    Step Five: Get Creative! Avoid Creating Blasé Site Content. Think outside the box with your content marketing plan to stand out from the pack. Get creative! Don’t simply develop the same pages as other agents because it’s the norm — publish ones that distinguish you from them. While the aforementioned assets are certainly must-create collateral, you should also try developing new types, including:

    • Pages that feature 3D virtual listing tours to provide a unique home search experience
    • Webinars you can conduct once every couple of weeks and use to engage with possible leads
    • Get local, high-profile individuals to guest post and have them help promote their content

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