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  • Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

    Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

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    In order for real estate agents to succeed online, it’s essential to develop a strong online presence and produce content that’s informative, engaging, and fully optimized for search. There are of course many benefits to these tasks on their own, but when combined, you have a content marketing strategy on your hands that’s a recipe for success.

    First of all, you’ll want to focus on creating great content that enhances your brand.

    Think about the type of business you have:

    1.What makes it unique?
    2.What’s your area of expertise?
    3.Who are your ideal buyers and sellers?

    Once you’re able to answer these questions, and any others you can think of that apply to your personal brand, you need to set out to create content showcasing this information. Find a balance between producing content that is both informative and visually appealing to your leads. These are the best types of content to create that fulfill those requirements:

    1. Blog posts
    Write up a top ten list of the best attractions in your area, or an eye-catching bio page that explains how you got your start in real estate.

    2. Videos 
    Take some time after a showing to drive around and film your favorite parts of the community, or shoot a video of yourself explaining a typical day so viewers get a sense of your personality.

    3. Infographics
    Use analytical knowledge to your advantage to give stats on the neighborhoods you work in and recent homes on the market, along with accompanying images.

    Of course, the end goal of creating and sharing engaging content is to attract more leads to your site. And if done correctly, the process works well. That’s why it’s so important to nail down the details of what you’re trying to say, and to whom: you want to make sure your ideal prospects head over to your site.

    There’s a couple key things to consider when looking to broaden your audience reach:

    If you can, invest in professionals to help you create stellar videos and images that’ll set your content apart from the bunch. If you’re a new real estate agent, this step might seem like a stretch, but you don’t have to go for high-end photographers to receive a satisfactory final product, and the difference between clear, beautifully filmed videos and poorly lit, unfocused snaps is night and day. And anyone visiting your site will remember your videos and listing photos and keep you top-of- mind because of them.

    Keep these tips in mind when creating video:

    1. Brief is better-Your videos should run 3 minutes, max. Both to ensure the heart of your message is heard and to keep your viewer’s attention. Setting a time limit also lets you try out different content ideas, like a series of shorter videos focused on a specific topic.

    2. Be yourself– Authenticity is key when it comes to your brand and your strengths as a real estate agent. People want to work with people they like and can relate to, so remember to let your personality shine through when speaking to the camera.

    3. Focus on what’s popular– Compile a list of the questions your past clients routinely asked, and create content based on your answers. This type of video emphasizes your business savvy and willingness to learn and go the extra mile for your leads.

    Optimize all of your content for search to ensure it gets found on Google among other pages of similar content. SEO can be tricky, but the basics are essential to learn.

    1. Remember keywords– Include the main keywords the piece of content pertains to in your title, tags, URL, description, and several times throughout the content itself. Be as specific as possible to rank higher for your content and decrease competition.

    2. Quality versus quantity– It’s been said time and again that search engines favor longer form, quality content that provides value to its readers as compared to content chock full of keywords, so focus on crafting insightful pieces.

    3. Target audience– Create with your target audience in mind–focus in on a niche by being as specific as you can–and your content will be more likely to rank high on search engines.

    What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below. Big thanks to Elizabeth Christensen at Placester for contributing and writing this great post. Make sure to check out our webinar replay with Placester on how to develop a website content strategy that works for you! Click here to view now >>

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