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Periscope for Newbies: Helpful Tips for Getting Started

Have you downloaded Periscope yet? Periscope is the new live-streaming app that gives anyone and everyone the ability to live stream content right from their iPhone or Android device. In addition to live streaming, Periscope allows users to watch broadcasters live and in real time communicate through comments and “hearts” (similar to the “like” button.)

I believe that this type of technology is a game-changer. You can read more about why I think that in my recent post in The Huffington Post here.

If you are new to Periscope, I wanted to provide a few key tips for newbies!

Getting started

  • If you are just starting out, first you need to download the app. Click here to download for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and click here to download for Android.
  • Now, keep in mind, the iOS version is a few “steps ahead” only because it launched first. So, there are some features not available to Android users just yet – but hopefully will be available soon!
  • You can create your account with Twitter or if you are not on Twitter you can still create an account.
  • Complete your bio. If you have created your account from Twitter your bio and photo will auto-populate but you can edit this on Persicope if you’d like.
  • Follow friends and find new friends to follow by watching broadcasts and then following the broadcaster if it’s a subject you’d like to learn more about.
Easily find your followers and broadcasters!

Easily find your followers and broadcasters!

  • Once you start watching a broadcast, leave a comment or tap the screen for hearts. Hearts are a great way to validate the broadcaster!
  • Check out this graphic below – feel free to pin this post to keep these tips handy!

periscope for newbies

What about broadcasting?

First off, not everyone has to be a broadcaster, but if you are, there are a few things that can help.

Top 10 broadcasting tips:

Click here to broadcast!

Click here to broadcast!

1. Have a plan.
Have an idea of what you want to share but remember that Periscope is a live broadcasting tool so don’t forget to interact with people who comment and ask questions.

2. Toggle the camera. You can switch the camera between yourself and facing away from you by double tapping the screen – just remember there is a sound delay (so pause when you are talking)

3. Choose to enable or disable location. A new feature on Periscope allows users to search broadcasts by map location. Be cautious when scoping from somewhere where you do not want to reveal exactly where you are (for example – your home!) However, if you run a location-based business (i.e. a retail store or restaurant) this could be a great feature for you to drive local foot traffic.

4. Save your broadcast. Your broadcast will auto-save to your phone. I like to sync my videos to DropBox so I can delete the videos off my phone as they take up a lot of memory!

5. Airplane mode. Before you start a broadcast, put your phone in Airplane mode on wi-fi so you won’t receive calls during a broadcast.

6. Introduce yourself. At the beginning of a broadcast, start talking immediately, welcome people and then introduce yourself.

7. Engage others! Don’t have your broadcast be all about you – engage people by asking questions and answering questions.

8. Block the trolls as needed. Do not engage! Every social media platform has a few trolls – they are few and far between. To block, tap their name and then click ‘block.’

9. Remind to follow and share. At the beginning of your broadcast remind people to follow you and share the broadcast with their followers – but give them a reason why!

10. Be prepared. Promote your broadcasts ahead of time on other social networks! Have a plan about when you are going to broadcast – add it to your calendar (along with your other social media and content plans.)

Bonus tip: After your broadcast is done, go back to watch the recording. You can then click on people’s comments to see their profile and then follow new people. It’s easier then following during the broadcast!

Last piece of advice…

Just do it! I really encourage you to jump in and try it. Your first “scope” may not be perfect – but that is ok. Jump in, the community and I can guarantee you will meet some truly incredible people!

Are you ready to scope? I’d love to connect with you on the platform. Let me know what you think – comment below or connect with me on Periscope. Simply search for “Katie Lance” and connect with me!

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