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Our Top 5 Facebook Videos for 2021

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In this video, I’m gonna share our top five Facebook videos for 2021.

Hey, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, the Get Social Smart Academy and author of the book Get Social Smart. And in this video, I’m so excited to share with you our top five videos for Facebook in 2021. You know, we’ve been publishing videos on our YouTube and Facebook channels for the last five years. And by the way, if you’re not yet subscribed over on YouTube, hit the subscribe button and the bell button, because we have new videos that come out each and every week. And our videos cover lots of different topics from social media strategy to Facebook to Instagram, YouTube, we cover all the different platforms, but I have to say you guys, Facebook is still one of the most popular topics. It’s things I get asked about all the time. Things like, should you have a personal profile or a business page, or really how to get traction on a business page, or how do you actually generate leads from Facebook?

Or how the heck do you use Facebook live effectively? Or should you even worry about Facebook live? And so we compiled a list of our top five videos, all about Facebook for 2021. We’re gonna line up those clips here in this video today. And I would love for you to check out the full video. So in this video, just gonna see a clip from each one of those videos, but below you can check out the complete video for each topic. So make sure you check that out in the description below, let’s get on with the show.

You’ve gotta be prepared. So the agents and brokers that have gotten the most outta virtual open open houses over the last year are simply prepared. They’re not scripted, but they have a sense of what they’re gonna talk about. They also don’t share every nuance of the house. Every time you do a virtual open house, you don’t have to show every corner. And every cupboard think about a movie trailer. When you see a movie trailer, you laugh, you get inspired, you got motivated, you might cry, but it doesn’t give away the ending of the movie. Right? So think of your virtual open houses that way. Think about three to five features you wanna show. And then at the end, your call to action should be, Hey, if you’d like to see a tour or book a showing, contact me today.

Number two type of content is Facebook live. Now, if you’re with me so far, you’re like Katie, we’re talking about video and now you want me to go live? Yes, Facebook live. I realize it can feel a little intimidating, especially the first time you do it. The first time you go live on Facebook, what, by the way, let me tell you what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna have your phone. You’re not gonna be sure what button to push you, hit the button and then there’s gonna be this awkward. Like, am I live? Am I on? What’s happen? It’s all good. We’ve all been there and done that. So here’s the thing. When it comes to Facebook live, you don’t need any fancy apps. You can do this right from your phone or even your computer. There’s a little Facebook live button. I recommend that you do this actually from your business page, hit that Facebook, Facebook live button. It’s gonna say, what do you wanna talk about? So if you’re at an open house, if you wanna do a little virtual open house, maybe you wanna do a Monday market update. You’re gonna type in a title. It’s gonna say start broadcast. And you’re gonna see a little countdown on your phone. It’s gonna go three, two, one, and you’re live.

My next don’t is don’t automate. So not only do you not wanna outsource, but you don’t wanna push a button and just automate everything. I see this happen quite a lot, where I go on Facebook and I can just tell it’s like, the lights are on, but nobody’s home. Right? And that’s what happens when we automate our content. A lot of times I see agents and brokers sign up for these like automated content feeds, which sounds great theory. But the problem is a lot of that content is generic. It’s like the same kind of content I see everywhere. And honestly, a lot of times I go to an agent or broker’s Facebook page and it doesn’t matter where they live. If they’re in the United States or the UK or, or anywhere. A lot of times I see the exact same things. I see listings, open houses, links to articles, links to each GTV articles or in men.

And that’s all relevant, but it’s not necessarily personal content. Right? And so that’s where it goes. The that’s where the value of putting out your personal content, your personal voice is so important. So we can’t automate that. We don’t wanna outsource that tip. Number two, use Facebook stories. So Facebook stories when on your Facebook feed, especially if you’re on your mobile device, Facebook stories take up like a third of the feed. They’re right across the top. They’re here today. They’re gone tomorrow. They only last 24 hours, but if you’re not using Facebook stories, I would encourage you to start to use them. I like to use my stories as like the, behind the scenes. It’s like the, the backstory, the story behind the story, you can add text, give ifs emojis. And what’s interesting about stories is when people are watching your stories, you can actually see exactly who’s engaged and who has seen your stories. And then when they engage in me, that engagement goes right into Facebook messenger and it becomes a one-to-one message. And so that’s where I think, you know, when it comes to social media, I think a lot of social media is becoming more private where we see more one-to-one message messaging and Facebook stories, I think is a big underutilized area. And I think it’s gonna be big in 2021,

Mistake, number one, posting and running. Okay, you guys, I still see this happening even in 2021, right? You’ve got a new listing. You’ve got a new open house. You’ve got something new that you wanna share. So what do you do? You pop on Facebook and you posted, you kind of like spam all your friends and family, and then you bail because you’re busy. I get it. However don’t post and run. So quick tip. And I recommend this, not just for Facebook. This works actually really well for Instagram. Also, before you post something, take two or three minutes to scroll through your feed, to like comment, engage with the least a few people. Look at your notification, respond to some comments, maybe from a post that you did a couple days ago, then post, whatever it is you’re gonna post. That is a trigger to Facebook that you are active on the platform, and you are more likely to have your content seen by more and more people, uh, than just posting and running.

Okay. That’s a wrap. Which video did you like best let us know in the comments below. And also are you active over on Facebook? Let me know. In the comments below drop a link to your Facebook page. I’d love to give you a follow over on Facebook, but not least of course, if you’re watching over on YouTube, we would love if you hit the subscribe button and the bell button, as we have new videos that come out each and every month. And lastly, if you are listening to this going, gosh, Katie, I need to get a handle, not just on Facebook, but my social media strategy in general, head on over to our website. We have a great free resource library that is chalk full of free content ideas, posting ideas, strategy ideas, lots of great things that are gonna help take your strategy to the next level. Go to to check that out. All right, my friends, we’ll see you on the flip side, cheers to you and we’ll see you in the new year. Bye for now.


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