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Welcome @narREach Class of 2015

As a mentor in the National Association of Realtors’ REach Program, I get to focus on some of the things I love most, including my passion for working with technology firms and the value of mentorship in the industry. The REach Program helps companies connect with real estate, one of the world’s largest industries. This relationship helps promote innovation, which helps small businesses and Realtors as well as consumers and the economy on the whole.

This year the REach Program welcomes seven outstanding companies into its 2015 class – a choice not made easy by the fact that this year there were twice as many applicants as in the prior year. These innovators run the gamut across a variety of products and services including personal security, crowdfunding and home services.

They are:

  • AssetAvenue – an online peer-to-peer lending platform for commercial real estate loans that provides both brokers and borrowers rapid and reliable access to competitive loans while offering accredited and institutional investors the potential to earn attractive returns. AssetAvenue can be found on Twitter at @assetavenue.
  • BoostUp – a down payment savings platform that assists consumers in saving for their next home purchase. Through this platform, real estate partners can connect with future home buyers early in the process to help them reach their goal with a savings reward. BoostUp can be found on Twitter at @boostUp_.
  • Guard Llama – a mobile personal security system that promotes safety by offering button-press access to the police. Guard Llama can be found on Twitter at @theguardllama.
  • Loop & Tie – a platform that allows businesses to send thoughtful gifts to customers, allowing recipients to choose from a collection of artisanal products. The relationship can also be tracked online. Loop & Tie can be found on Twitter at @loopandtie.
  • NotaryCam – a completely online notary service that offers an electronic closing solution to improve the timeliness, security and convenience of real estate deals. NotaryCam can be found on Twitter at @notarycam.
  • – a home-services marketplace that helps homeowners budget their home projects by matching them with a certified professional in their area. can be found on Twitter at @getyourpro.
  • TermScout – a resource for commercial real estate professional and enterprise sales teams that promotes revenue increase through accurate, timely and actionable sales intelligence within a variety of markets. TermScout can be found on Twitter at @termscout.

It’s been wonderful working with so many NAR REach companies. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great clients from the NAR REach program like DocuSignWeVideo, Deductr, and SmartZip. Here are a few additional articles highlighting SmartZip, Grit + Passion: SmartZip is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry – One Listing at a Time and this past webinar recording, Follow the Signals: Your Guide to Growing Your Real Estate Pipeline.

Congratulations, everyone! I look forward to working with you!

P.S. If you are a tech start-up and curious about how I consult and work with technology companies, I’d love to chat. You can email me at katie (at) katielance (dot) com or send me a tweet! 




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