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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Are Making in Social Media

I get asked many times why I focus on the real estate and mortgage industry when it comes to social media. The answer is really simple; buying or selling a home for most people is an intensely personal and emotional experience.

It’s one of the largest financial decisions someone possibly may make in their lifetime. Last year, I was out to lunch at a conference with my friend and Realtor, Stephanie Lanier who said to me (and I am paraphrasing a bit), “It’s like a red dot moment in your life. Imagine your big life moments on a map – the day you meet your spouse, the day you get married, the day you have children, the day you buy a home – these are all red dot moments!”

Those red dot moments are sacred moments for a lot of people and in my opinion, there is no better medium to connect, build trust, stay in touch and build your business in real estate than through social media.

The agents and brokers that are a part of our #GetSocialSmart Academy have told me time and time again that they receive 70-80% of their business from social media. How? In this post, I am going to talk about some of the big mistakes I see some agents and brokers making and how you can correct these quickly and easily to stay in touch better with your clients, increase your engagement on social media and ultimately – increase your business.

Mistake #1: Using your personal Facebook Profile completely for business

  • If you are an agent and your Facebook Personal profile name is something like: Jenny Smith Realtor, this is a mistake. It’s against Facebook’s rules of service to have this as your name. But, more importantly, you want to make sure you just use your complete name without your title or brokerage within the name.
  • For your personal profile, I believe in the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you post can be about your hobbies, interests and passions and the other 20% can be about business.
  • The other big tip for agents is to use lists. You can create free, private lists on Facebook and this is a great way to organize your friends and/or clients. It’s also a great way to cut through the noise of Facebook by simply looking at your ‘Client’ list instead of your entire noisy Newsfeed.

Mistake #2: Simply copying and pasting your listing information from the MLS

  • You can talk about your listings on Facebook – in fact advertising your listings on your Business Page is great exposure for your clients and it can be a great lead generator for you. But, you don’t want to copy/paste from the MLS.
  • Facebook is not your website, it’s not a property portal – it’s like the water cooler!
  • So, instead of writing everything about a listing, just write a sentence or two and then put a link back to your website or where people can find out more. If you were telling your best friend about a listing, how would you tell her? Say that!

Here is a great example of how to do this right:

Here's a great example of how to talk about a listing or an open house!

Here’s a great example of how to talk about a listing or an open house!

Mistake #3: Hiring someone to do it all for you

  • You can certainly have an assistant help when it comes to social media with things like scheduling posts, writing blog posts, editing videos, creating graphics, and more.
  • But, when it comes down to the personal part of social media, like noticing on Facebook your clients that you sold a house to last year are expecting a baby, or the clients you worked with three years ago are going on a big vacation soon, or the clients you hope to work with next year have an illness in the family – all of these things are things that if appropriate, you should connect with your clients about.
  • You should be the one that posts to their wall, sends them a private message – or reaches out and takes the online offline by calling or sending a personal note in the mail. The agents and brokers who are crushing it when it comes to social media – they understand this very important part of social – the personal piece of it!

Mistake #4: Not creating original content

  • It’s one thing to curate and find great articles to post like from Inman News, CNN Money, Housing Wire, and more. And posting links to articles that are helpful and relevant to your audience are great. But, if you really want to crush it when it comes to social media – you have to think about what content you can create.
  • When you create content – whether it is blogging, podcasting, Facebook Live video, or other formats – you are helping to tell the story of what it feels like to work with you, of how you are different from every agent in town. It’s critical for agents to have not just a social media plan, but a content plan too. Make sure you have the 2016 version of my Content Grid which has helped thousands of agents over the years get their plan in place.
  • Many agents will tell me they don’t have time to create content – but I can tell you from my own experience and the experience of my consulting clients and members of our Academy, that when you start to create consistent content each week or each month and you promote it properly, the returns are enormous.
  • Suddenly, the leads you get to your website will start to say things like, “I’ve been following you for years. I have been reading your blog forever. I feel like I already know you. You clearly are the expert.” Wouldn’t you like it for a lead to tell you that? This is what happens when you start creating content and continue to do so consistently!

Here is a great example of how to do this right:

The Team Diva blog is a great example of creating great content that is relevant to their audience to build their business!

The Team Diva blog is a great example of creating great content that is relevant to their audience, to build their business!

Here are some additional articles that may be helpful as you start to create your content and social media strategy:

What other mistakes do you see agents making? Leave me a comment below or connect with us in our Facebook Group – we have an amazing online community and would love for you to be a part of it. If you are looking for a solution to get smarter about the time you spend on social media, we would love for you to check out our #GetSocialSmart Academy. With more than 300 members strong, this online learning platform is ideal for anyone ready to get smarter about how they use social media. We’d love to see you there!


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