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8 Tips to Maximize Periscope To Build Your Business

An exciting new part of my business these past few months has been helping businesses integrate Periscope into their social media marketing plans. Not only have I been helping my consulting clients with this, but my team and I also developed an Advanced Periscope Marketing Class and eBook that hundreds of small business owners have taken and are beginning to see results from their Periscope efforts.

For myself, I’ve been on Periscope since May and done nearly 300 broadcasts. As far as my business goes, Periscope has really been like the cherry on top! In just a few short months it has already opened up a whole new world for me, connected me to an amazing new community and brought in a significant amount of new business. So here are 8 tips for maximizing your Periscope use to build your business.

  1. Engage with people. Periscope, just like any other social media platform, is not a one-way street. Even though it’s just you (the broadcaster) talking, it’s vital that you engage with your audience. You can do this by welcoming people individually to the broadcast, reading and acknowledging comments as they appear and responding to them when appropriate. Don’t forget to thank your viewers for hearts and for sharing. These little gestures will go a long way.
  2. Promote the replay. As much as it’s great to be live on Periscope, from a business perspective, it’s the replays that are golden. I promote my replays in a couple of different ways. First, I love the 24-hour timeframe that Periscope provides. During that time period I will promote my replay multiple times. Generally this will be directly after the broadcast, then 8 hours later, 12 hours later, and always right before the replay is about to expire. This built-in timeframe allows for a sense of urgency and as a business you definitely want to capitalize on that.
  3. Use Another great way to leverage your replays is with This allows you to repurpose your scopes in new ways. For example, you’ll find a broadcast embedded at the bottom of this blog post using This content originally appeared in a scope and now we’re repurposing into a blog post – it’s all about leveraging content in smart and effective ways!

    Use to leverage your Periscope replays.

    Use to leverage your Periscope replays.

  4. Be consistent. If you’ve heard me on a webinar or speaking before, you know I always say be consistent. Yes, I know it’s a cliche but honestly, the people that are consistent are the people that are going to win when it comes to Periscope. It’s the people who are broadcasting at least once a day that are winning clients and successfully building their business from Periscope. So if you decide that Periscope is the right platform for you, go all in and be consistent!
  5. Embed your scopes. Going back to tip 4, you can save your scopes using and this tool provides you with an embed code. Leverage your scopes by embedding these on your website or blog. This will not only get your broadcasts more views, but direct traffic back to your site – a big win, win!
  6. Share responsibly. This is a really important tip if you’re using Periscope for business. You want to be selective about the broadcasts you share with others. Don’t be an over sharer, this will only annoy others. Rather, only share truly valuable scopes that are relevant to your audience to help establish your credibility as a trusted source.
  7. Be a part of the community. Again, this goes back to my first point about engagement. If you’re using Periscope for business, you can’t just come on Periscope and scope and then leave. One of the things I personally do is take a few minutes every day and scroll through my followers and watch others’ broadcasts and support them.
  8. Have a plan. This may seem like the most basic tip but it can make a world of difference. Having a plan of what you’re going to broadcast for the next 7-10 days will set you up for Periscope success! This can be as simple as putting your scope topics on your calendar. I use Google calendar and aim to plan my scopes 2 weeks out. This not only keeps me accountable but it also helps with planning promotions around scopes and how/when that content will be repurposed.

Check out my broadcast on this topic:

I hope you find these tips helpful as you put together your own Periscope strategy. For more advanced Periscope marketing insights, be sure to check out my Advanced Periscope Marketing Class and eBook. Click here to buy now >>

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