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10 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Blog Posts

I’ve spoken a lot recently of the value of publishing blog posts on LinkedIn.

Personally, I’ve seen many benefits to publishing new content (click my profile and scroll down to see my posts) but also re-purposing older (‘evergreen’) content on LinkedIn (like this post with more than 2,600 views.)

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A screenshot of my LinkedIn profile and posts

I found that since LinkedIn is a much quieter network, I am able to get in front of more of my connections and their connections by providing valuable insight. I’ve seen it help to increase my followers on LinkedIn, traffic back to my site and ultimately leads that have led to business.

Recently, a study was released that studied 3,000 of the highest performing pieces of content on LinkedIn and what made them so successful.

Here are their findings:

  • Optimal title length: 40-49 characters.
  • Title format: Titles should not be questions – these tended to perform worse than titles that are short statements.
  • Images: 8 images are best and perform almost three times better than those with less!
  • Video is not as effective: unlike other social media platforms, video post perform significantly lower than posts without video.
  • Subheadings: posts with exactly 5 subheadings performed best.
  • Word count: 1,900-2000 words is ideal.
  • Neutral sentiment: posts on LinkedIn who were neutral performed 70% better.
  • Easy to read: so easy a middle schooler can read it!
  • Likes: once your post is ‘liked’ it is viewable to more second-tier connections
  • Day of the week: Thursday is the best day for publishing!

I’d love to hear from you – are you publishing on LinkedIn? Here is list of my posts if you are looking for inspiration!



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