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LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents (2021 Edition)

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 215

How can you best utilize LinkedIn to build your business? In this episode I’m sharing a few of my top tips for LinkedIn in 2021!

  1. Optimize your profile. You want to make sure you have an updated photo. You want to make sure your contact information is there. Don’t be a secret agent! Also be sure to take advantage of the Featured section to highlight some of the best things about you.
  2. Add your pronunciation. One of the neat things that’s new about LinkedIn in 2021 is, you can actually add your pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile. If you have a name that often gets mispronounced, it can be really helpful.
  3. Post 3-5 times a week. LinkedIn’s newsfeed is a little bit quieter than Facebook. It’s really business only. So what I would recommend is, as you are reading other things in real estate, maybe it’s articles from Inman News or NAR or maybe you are creating pillar content like video content, blog content, podcast content – share that in the feed. Share at least a few times a week.
  4. Utilize LinkedIn Stories. LinkedIn stories is a great place to post anything business related. If you are creating any type of content, maybe you’ve got a new video, maybe you’ve got a podcast, maybe you’ve got a new listing or an open house – you want to share that to your LinkedIn Stories. It’s one more place to repurpose your content.
  5. Connect with prospects, clients and other agents. I often look at LinkedIn as the ultimate networking party. You may not know everyone who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn, but often if someone is a second or third tier connection, a friend of a friend, those people who are on the fringes of our lives, this is a great opportunity to connect on LinkedIn.

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