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Katie Lance Consulting and Leverage Global Partners have partnered to offer Leverage members the most current social media training and the most innovative techniques through the #GetSocialSmart Academy. Whether you’re an individual agent or a marketing expert at a Leverage partner firm, if you are seeking to elevate your presence and grow your business through social media, the #GetSocialSmart Academy is your resource and answer to maximizing your social media strategy and efforts. SIGN UP TODAY to receive special pricing for Leverage members

Do you struggle to keep up with social media? You love your job – you couldn’t dream of doing anything other than sell real estate. Let’s face it – you are really good at what you do. In fact you are probably in the top 20-30% of agents in your office (or, actively working toward joining this group soon!)

You also really, really care about your clients.

GET STARTED TODAY Social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

You are the type of agent that wouldn’t miss a closing. You are the type of agent that always drops the keys off to your clients – because they are more than a transaction, and so much more than a ‘deal.’ They are a family who are about to create a lifetime of new memories in their new home and you understand this sacred space.

Every home and every client of yours has a story.

Every client has a story.

It’s a story about a family that just lost their grandparents and the kids and grandkids have to clean out the home they have known for decades and put it up for sale. It’s a story about a husband and wife whose kids have left the nest and the home that was once perfect for a family with teenagers now seems big and empty and they are ready to downsize. It’s a story about the young couple with two kids, who had to go through a short sale a few years back and now they are getting back into the market and they are scared – just like first-time homeowners all over again.

Those stories above? Those are my stories. Those are my stories about my grandparents, about my parents, and about my husband and I.

You know every client’s story and you understand that real estate is a personal business for a lot of people.

This is why I love social media when it comes to real estate. Social media, when done right is the perfect medium for agents to celebrate, honor and keep in touch with the families they serve.

So, how is business for you? I would imagine, business is good, maybe even really good. But as much as business is good, as much as the referrals always come, there is the nagging feeling that you could be doing something better – especially when it comes to what you are doing online.

You love the idea of using social media to grow your business and to better keep in touch with your clients…if only there were more hours in the day and if only you could really figure out what the heck you were supposed to do!

GET STARTED TODAY Without a strategy, you're just throwing something against a wall and hoping that it sticks.


  • I wish I had the time to set aside to plan out my social media…

  • I struggle with keeping up with all the new stuff…

  • I feel like I’m wasting time with social media…

  • Did Facebook change again? Why is no one seeing my posts?

  • I don’t understand how it all works so it’s really frustrating. It makes me afraid of doing and it’s hurting my career big time.

  • I struggle with balancing sharing in the moment on social, while also being present and committed to the moment IRL.

Time is all we have.

The number one challenge when it comes to social media from real estate agents just like you is that it takes too much time! Whether it’s the time it takes to create great content, the time it takes to keep up with all of the different platforms and constant changes, or the time that feels like it’s being wasted in the social media time suck vortex…time, time, time.

One thing I know for sure is that time is all we have.


I have learned this lesson over and over again both professionally and personally. Time is the most valuable asset we have and, in a world that seems to be getting busier and busier, time is also becoming a precious and rare commodity.

It pains me to see real estate professionals missing out on the immense benefits of implementing a social media strategy because it’s too overwhelming and because they simply don’t have the time.


According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2016 Member Profile,
91% of all real estate professionals use social media in some format.

The question is…

In a recent survey, here’s what our #GetSocialSmart alumni had to say:

  • 97% of #GetSocialSmart member said they would recommend #GetSocialSmart course to friends and colleagues.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being the least valuable and 10 being the most valuable) #GetSocialSmart members, on average, rated the value they received based on the money they spent a 9.

  • 98% said they loved being able to access the content anytime, go back and watch videos at any time of day on any device.

Who is #GetSocialSmart Academy for?

This all-inclusive social media training course is designed specifically for you; the driven real estate agent who cares about their clients. Whether you’re already a top agent or gunning to be one, this academy will help you master the social media side of your business once and for all.

You are the type of agent who truly cares about your clients and consistently goes above and beyond to earn their loyalty and trust. You’re the agent that never misses a closing, recognizes the importance of celebrating your clients, and you’re always seeking to improve.

You’re excited about the possibilities of social media but just aren’t sure how to use it best. You understand the value of investing in training and education and you’re eager to create and implement your own social media strategy.

Most importantly, you understand that buying a home is, for most people, one of the biggest decisions of their lives. You don’t take your role is this process lightly and you are continually striving to better yourself and your processes to better serve your clients.

What does #GetSocialSmart Academy include?

When you become a member of the #GetSocialSmart Academy, you’ll gain exclusive access to a 24/7, on-demand online library which boasts nearly 75 training video modules including the online 6-week #GetSocialSmart course with (this is my original online course valued at $1,999).

Topics that are covered inside the Academy include: training on social media strategy, content marketing, video marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook business pages and personal profiles, Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and much more.

You’ll also have access to Katie Lance through her private Facebook group and exclusive member-only Facebook Live sessions she conducts throughout each month in Katie’s private Facebook group for academy members only. This Facebook group is also your opportunity to connect and learn from like-minded peers, as well as get personal feedback and direction from Katie.

Along with all of the training materials you’ll also have access to Katie’s exclusive eBooks, worksheets, checklists and tons of other downloadable material.

Each month, we’ll have new and exciting things for our #GetSocialSmart Academy students including our weekly Academy newsletter with tips and training exclusively for Academy members plus new content added each and every month.

Once I become a member, how will I access the Academy?

Once you sign up for either a monthly or yearly membership, you will be emailed your password information to log into our exclusive member portal and access to our private Facebook group. From there, you will have immediate 24/7 access to all of the training materials. You can watch them at your own leisure and at your own pace.

At the beach and want to learn about how to jump-start your Facebook business page? Watch the video from your iPhone on the beach.

In the car waiting to pick up your kids and need to know more about Instagram? Watch the video and download the eBook all from your tablet.

At an open house waiting for people to arrive? Crack open your laptop and see how you can freshen up your LinkedIn profile. You can even binge watch them all at one time if you want! (You may need a really big bowl of popcorn for that!) 🙂

What makes the #GetSocialSmart Academy different than other programs?  

I know there are countless blog posts, videos and free webinars you could read, watch and attend when it comes to social media. But here is what you are going to get in the Academy that you aren’t going to get anywhere else. You are going to get someone who has more than 20 years of marketing and branding experience with the last ten focused on social media for the real estate industry.

I have consulted for some of the biggest companies in real estate and mortgage such as RE/MAX International, DocuSign, Realtor.com, and so many others. I have helped companies on average grow their social media presence by more than 40%. In the last five years, I have spoken to tens of thousands of real estate professionals on stages all over North America teaching social media strategy and how agents can use it best for their business.

Invariably, after every single event I speak at, I have agents coming up to me, asking questions and asking me if they can hire me as their coach, or for an hour, or to ‘pick my brain.’

Here’s the thing….I wish I had the bandwidth and the time to help everyone. But, as we all know – time is our most precious asset. As much as I’d like to, I just don’t have the time or ability to work one-on-one with agents.  But, I have a strong desire to help and serve more people.

This why I created the #GetSocialSmart Academy.

Once you are a member of the Academy you will have exclusive access to me through our private Facebook group and our exclusive group Academy calls to reach out and chat, ask me questions, have me take a peek at your Facebook page or just offer advice.

How much is the #GetSocialSmart Academy? If you’ve ever looked into coaching, consulting or any type of education – you know the pricing can be all over the map. You could spend $10,000-$20,000 for a mastermind weekend or you could spend $20 or $30 for a downloadable eBook. We wanted to make sure that the#GetSocialSmart Academy was priced at a rate that would make sense for agents and brokers.
A monthly #GetSocialSmart Academy membership is regularly $97/month but the reduced rate for being a partner with Leverage is only $67 per month. You will be billed on your credit card each month and you will be billed the $67 each month you are a member – for as long as you a member. If you’d rather save a bit – I recommend signing up for our annual pass which is regularly $970 for a 12-month membership, but the reduced rate for being a partner with Leverage is only $670 per year. This means you are only paying for 10 months but are receiving 2 months free as a thank you for your annual membership.
Isn’t it time to get smarter about how you use social media? Are you ready to take back your time when it comes to social media? Join the#GetSocialSmart Academy today and lock-in your reduced rate for LIFE! Yes, you read that right – once you lock in at this annual rate of $970 or the monthly rate of $97 – your price will never increase up, even if we increase the price of the Academy later this year, next year, or five years from now! There is no contract to sign or long-term commitment required. You can opt to sign up for the monthly rate or the yearly rate at any time. You can also cancel your membership at any time. See the Terms & Conditions for details Who is Katie Lance?

Katie is the CEO and Owner of Katie Lance Consulting – a social media marketing firm. With more than fifteen years of marketing and branding experience, Katie specializes in working with companies to help develop and implement their social media and content strategy. Katie’s client roster includes companies such as RE/MAX International, DocuSign, Mason McDuffie Mortgage, Realtor.com, Windermere Real Estate, and many others. Since 2012, Katie’s firm has worked closely with hundreds of companies in the real estate, mortgage and start-?up space.

Katie is a nationally known and highly sought-after keynote speaker at conferences across the globe; teaching the latest tools and strategies in social media, mobile and technology trends.

Katie is a passionate writer and published her first book, #GetSocialSmart which became an Amazon best-selling new release in 2017. She is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and Women 2.0 and is passionate about all things tech, wine and empowering women in leadership.

Formerly, Katie was the Chief Strategist for Inman News and has been listed by Inman as one of the top 101 influential people in real estate.

Katie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and 2 beautiful boys.


A sneak peek at the modules inside…


Isn’t it time to get smarter about how you use social media? Are you ready to take back your time when it comes to social media? Join the #GetSocialSmart Academy today!

I can’t wait to see you there…


$97 $67 per Month (save $30 monthly)
  • No Contract Commitment
  • Month-to-Month Option


$970 $670 per Year (save $300 annually)
  • No Contract Commitment
  • Get Two Months Free

See what others have said about #GetSocialSmart and Katie Lance:

lisa“I pride myself on seeking out the best in every industry so I can continue to polish my professional skills and build my business. When I needed a little guidance taking my social media skills to the next level, I took the opportunity to take Katie’s intensive #GetSocialSmart course. Her smart, concise lessons were respectful of the real time real professionals have to give and her encouragement throughout the sessions and beyond is just the level of personal detail you come to expect when you’re a Katie Lance client. All the materials were top shelf in their quality and delivery. I get private messages all the time asking about my experience working with Katie and I’m always thrilled to have the chance to recommend her.”

– Lisa Perk, The Property Group

helen“Katie Lance is a highly successful professional who takes the time to give her clients what they need to grow their businesses and become successful. I had the privilege of being in her #GetSocialSmart program. So much great information was given in her take-aways and webinars. It doesn’t end there. She continues to be a driving force on my journey to success. I highly recommend her as a speaker and a coach.”

– Helen Hodge, Jahn Real Estate

Lee“Making the commitment to invest in Katie’s coaching was not taken lightly. What I can attest to is that it was very much worth it. I was so appreciative of Katie’s knowledge and expertise. I would highly suggest working with Katie!”

– Lee Arnold, Benchmark Property Management

kevin“I recently finished Katie Lance’s coaching program and was blown away by the detail and actual plan she puts in place for everyone who is taking the class. She thoroughly goes through every platform and really simplifies it. She made me look at life as content, rather than trying to create this master plan before I post anything. I would highly recommend #GetSocialSmart and Katie Lance, who is a social media superstar!”

– Kevin Stark, Realty One Group

robyn“I pride myself on being very social media savvy so I questioned whether Katie Lance’s #GetSocialSmart program was something that was really going to work for me. I thought I probably already knew everything that she would be teaching. No. I did not know anything. I was so surprised by the quality and quantity of content that Katie provided me every single week. I would highly, highly recommend her program to everyone, whether you’re a novice or someone like me who thinks you are an expert because she truly is the expert. Katie Lance rocks!”

– Robyn Burdett, RE/MAX Allegiance

lynn“Katie Lance’s #GetSocialSmart course is the best thing I ever did. I had no idea how much there was involved with social media or the best places to be or how often you should be there. Katie lays it all out for you. She really is the guru in social media. If you get a chance to take #GetSocialSmart with Katie Lance, take it!”

– Lynn Olsen, Keller Williams

megan“#GetSocialSmart with Katie Lance is a long-term investment that will pay dividends in real estate for years to come. Why do you need Katie’s course? Because it will give you a clearer picture of your social media priorities, a content execution plan, an enhanced professional image and access to Katie’s expertise.”

– Megan Luker, RE/MAX Alliance

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