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Lead Generation with LinkedIn for Real Estate Pros

Have you wondered how you can generate leads from LinkedIn if you are in real estate? In this video, I share three simple tips to jump-start your lead generation using LinkedIn if you are a real estate agent or broker. 

Tip 1: Optimize your profile

Take time once or twice a year to update your profile photo, add pronunciation, edit and add to your summary and featured section and make sure to have your contact info easily accessible! The first step in generating leads without spending a lot of money on LinkedIn is to have a great profile that is robust, updated and also includes photos and videos of who you are and what you do. Check out this video with more tips for getting started on LinkedIn.

Tip #2: Post and interact regularly 

Get yourself into a routine with LinkedIn. Post at least 3 times a week – share articles about the industry or your market area. Share your insights about the market and your opinions about real estate in your area. Use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule some posts as needed. Equally important is to make sure you are taking the time a few times a week to actively like, comment and interact with people in your LinkedIn feed. This is going to be a trigger to LinkedIn that you are active on LinkedIn – not just “posting and running” and then your content and profile will start to get shown to more people! 

Tip #3: Connect with clients and prospects 

One common complaint with LinkedIn is the amount of spam that occurs. One way to control and combat this is to be extremely proactive with WHO you connect with on LinkedIn. Be proactive to connect on LinkedIn with your past clients and prospects. As you start working with a client or you are in a professional conversation with a lead – search them out on LinkedIn, send a personal message and make the effort to connect. This is another trigger to LinkedIn that you are active on the platform and it’s also a great way to start reconnecting with past clients, colleagues and friends who often times turn into leads. By taking the initiative in connecting – you are opening the door for more leads to come your way! 

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