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Integrating Periscope into Your Social Media Strategy

As a savvy social marketer, you already know how essential it is to stay on top of the best in cutting-edge advancements in order to keep your work relevant. Here’s something you’re going to want to take advantage of, if you’re not doing it already: Periscope.

This new live-streaming app that gives any user the ability to stream live content straight from their iPhone or Android device is taking the industry by storm. In fact, I believe it is a game-changer.

Periscope represents a new dimension of your social-media strategy.

Periscope represents a new dimension of your social-media strategy.

And why is that? Well, it hits at the heart of two major trends revolutionizing today’s content-marketing scene: live interaction and video content. If you’re looking to evolve with the greater industry and continue to stay fresh in the minds of the people with whom you most want to connect, Periscope is a great way to do it.

Let’s look at those two trends we mentioned above in terms of your integration of Periscope into your social-media strategy. First, let’s start off with live interaction, which is one of the most valuable elements that this platform brings to the game. So many classic elements of social media can be accessed asynchronously, which essentially means that your audience is deciding how and when they will view it. The opposite of this concept is synchronous viewing, which could be symbolized by live television (forget about the on-demand stuff for a moment) where the networks themselves plan their programming.

So why is live broadcasting so alluring in today’s environment? First off, it brings you diverse traffic by allowing you to target a variety of potential customer streams. Secondly, Periscope opens up a new avenue for direct interaction with your customer base as well as others with whom you wish to connect. If you’ve got a message – and you do – here’s your chance to broadcast it anywhere and anytime in a simple and streamlined manner. Likewise, it’s an opportunity for your audience to learn more about you in a direct and informative way.

Just use your iPhone or Android device to broadcast live.

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Then there’s the video-content aspect of Periscope. Certainly we’ve seen video used in a variety of different ways around the web, but this represents a new and exciting dimension. Since Periscope was acquired by Twitter and can be accessed through your Twitter credentials, this gives you access to immediately find connections through your Twitter connections who also happen to have a Periscope account. You’re not starting fresh here – you’re building on what you’ve already created. The way the video works is also very easy to use: just start broadcasting and figure out whether you want your audience to be public or narrower.

Broadcast live to the world with your iPhone or Android device with Periscope.

Broadcast live to the world with your iPhone or Android device with Periscope.

During your Periscope broadcasts, your viewers will be able to connect with you through real-time texts or hearts, the latter of which is comparable to Facebook Likes. From your end, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your number of viewers as well as their account names and amount of interaction with your broadcast – all good information to have. Finally, after the broadcast has concluded, you’ll be able to decide whether to archive it for others to watch in their own time.

In essence, Periscope offers you a fresh way to present your professional as well as personal perspectives. Enjoy this fascinating new medium!

Are you ready to scope? I’d love to connect with you on the platform. Let me know what you think – comment below or connect with me on Periscope. Simply search for “Katie Lance” and connect with me!

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