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Instagram Video Ideas for Real Estate Pros

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Hey everybody, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, the Get Social Smart Academy and author of the book, Get Social Smart it’s episode 235 of the Get Social Smart Show. And today I’m going to share with you three ideas for how to get inspired when it comes to great video content over on Instagram

Tip number one, look at your insights. If you have an Instagram business or creator account, you’ve got Instagram insights and there is a treasure trove of data in there. I absolutely love to look to see what type of posts got the highest level of reach, which post got a high level of shares or saved or likes or comments. This is going to give you a tremendous amount of data, especially when creating video content for Instagram. Now, by the way, we’re talking about video content on Instagram, because video content is one of the highest performing types of content on any social media platform, but especially these days on Instagram.

So if you’re looking at your Instagram insights and you see that some of your top posts have to do, you know, with maybe a congratulatory post that you posted, uh, you might say, gosh, is there a way to take that post and convert that into some sort of video? Maybe you did a post that’s a carousel post where you’ve got four or five or six photos of a great listing, and that poster really blew up. Well, maybe there’s a way to take that and tell that success story, but that listing was all about. Or maybe you did a post with, you know, tips on remodeling or first-time home buyer mistakes. You can take older posts and get inspired to create video content, whether that’s reels, which are up to 30 seconds as of the recording of this video, or even IGT, which is longer form video.

So look at your insights again, search by what type of content at the highest level of reach comments likes. And regardless if those are videos or not, that type of content performed really well in your channel. So why not? You know, don’t reinvent the wheel as I often say, or repurpose that, repurpose those ideas and turn them into video ideas. Tip number two, look over at YouTube. If you need some inspiration on Instagram, YouTube again is also a treasure trove of inspiration. And one of the things that I recommend that you do is you might look to see what other real estate agents and brokers are doing either in your market or even outside your market. You know, if you are a realtor in California, why not see what some realtors are doing in New York or other areas of the country. Now, other areas of the country are obviously different.

Every market area is different, but when you look at different agents, uh, in different with different folks, um, YouTube channels, you can actually search by what type of videos have the highest number of views, which ones are the most popular. So if you go over to our YouTube channel and you look at our V videos, you can sort our videos by either most recent, uh, there’s a number of different options, but one of them is also most popular and is really helpful just to get some inspiration, right? We don’t want to be copying other people’s video ideas, you know, but if you are in Tampa and you see someone in Dallas did a great video talking about first-time home buyer mistakes, and that was a high-performing video that might give you some inspiration to create that type of video, either on YouTube or on Instagram.

So I like to look at YouTube and Instagram. I think that both of those have kind of a symbiotic relationship. I’m often inspired by what I see on YouTube and we’ll create content for Instagram and some kinds of vice versa, but look at YouTube, look at other competitors channels, look at other agents in your area. And again, search to see what are some of them are from the more popular videos that are popping up. And that can be great inspiration for again, videos that you create specifically for Instagram tip number three. And this is one of the most important things out of everything we’re talking about today is be a helpful resource, be helpful resource, and be really specific with your content. You know, I see a lot of agents who are posting somewhat generic content, right? It’s, it’s, you know, just very sort of generic tips, but with video, you can share a tip, you can share a resource, but you can also be really specific inserting your personality.

Um, you know, maybe you’re someone who likes to be really creative. So you might use reels and have some fun with music and some of the creativity that you can do over there. Uh, again, just depending on your personality, being specific with your market area, being helpful with your community, things that are happening in your community, being specific with, um, real estate tips, renovating tips, um, I just find them more helpful that you can be with your content. The more people are going to resonate with you. And what’s really interesting about Instagram. You guys is when you first start on Instagram, generally speaking, the type of content that tends to resonate really well with people at first is stuff that’s really personal, right? Like baby photos and pet photos and things like that. And then you think to yourself, is that what I have to post to get engagement as your Instagram account grows.

And as you start to become more and more known, especially in a professional environment with real estate, as you start to transition to have more of your content, be not just listings, not just open houses, but really helpful, specific educational informative community-based content. You’re going to see even more engagement, even more likes comments and shares and business that comes from that video content. So I just want to mention that to you. I actually discovered this recently, when I was looking at my own analytics, we just got back from vacation. I posted a lot of fun vacation videos over on Instagram, and those got a lot of comments, but where I’m getting more followers is when I’m posting that content that people tend to follow me for, right? The social media education, the helpful tips and resources and education. So be of service to your audience and it will come back to you tenfold.

All right. If you’re listening to this going, I need to get a handle on Instagram. I have a great guide for you. I would love for you to download our free Instagram guide for real estate. If you go to Katie, forward slash Insta guide, Katie to guide. It’s a great resource with tips, tools, and strategies to help you get better all about Instagram. I would love to hear from you. Are you active on Instagram? If so, drop your handle in the comments below. And if you’re watching this over on YouTube, make sure you hit the subscribe button and the bell button, because we have new videos that come out each and every week. All right, until next time, we’ll see you soon. And I’ll see on Instagram!


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