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Instagram Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Looking to increase your engagement on Instagram using video but looking for inspiration? I can help! In this video I share three simple places to get video inspiration if you are a real estate agent on Instagram! 

Tip 1:  Look at your Insights  

If you have a business or creator account – review your Insights and search which content had the highest reach, shares, saves, likes or comments. Use that as inspiration for video content. For example, if you had a post last year about a beautiful listing that blew up on Instagram – you could talk about the story of working with that client in a video or Reel. If you had a multi-photo or carousel post teaching a real estate tip – you could use that as inspiration to create a video out of that content! Don’t reinvent the wheel. Check to see what worked before and repurpose your content! 

Tip 2:  Look at YouTube for inspiration 

Search what other agents are doing in or outside your market to gain inspiration! Don’t copy but look to see what content on their YouTube is most popular and be inspired to create something similar for your market area! 

Tip 3:  Be a helpful resource 

How can you talk about business using video on Instagram and get a high level of engagement? Be thoughtful, caring, specific and add your personality into your videos. Share helpful tips about your community, real estate, renovating and more.

On a side note – when you first join Instagram you’ll notice that the posts that get the most engagement are non-business like fun vacation pics. But, where you will get the increase in followers and long-term engagement is when you post content that your audience is looking for and when you are of service to your clients like this one or this one.

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