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Instagram Reels 101

Have you made your first Instagram Reel? Feeling a bit intimidated by Reels? I got you! In this video I share five quick tips for creating your first Reel today!

Tip #1 Start by watching other people’s Reels

One of the easiest ways to be inspired to create a Reel is to watch other people’s Reels. Scroll through to see what songs are trending and what others are creating and posting.

Tip #2 Save audio you like

As you scroll through watching Instagram Reels, if you come across audio or sound that you would like to use, tap on the name of the audio at the bottom of the screen and then click ‘save audio’. When you would like to use this audio and you are creating a Reel, you can tap on the musical note icon to access all of your music. 

Tip #3 Time to create a Reel!

Now it’s time to create! You can either create right within Reels, which if you are doing a lip sync or voice over that is the way to go. However, you can also take video on your camera roll and upload it directly into Reels. Check out this video where I share how to do this with a listing.

Tip #4 Take it to the next level with multiple clips + text

Alternatively, you could record a number of short video clips and upload those in order inside of a Reel, add music and now you’ve created a simple Reel. You can add text right on the screen as well to enhance your Reel.

Tip #5 You don’t always have to be on camera

The good news is, you don’t always have to be on camera. You could be showcasing a home, your local community, or even showcasing text on screen such as helpful tips or informative content. Of course, it’s great to get on camera when you can, but just know you don’t always have to. Here’s an example of a Reel where I was not on camera.

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