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Transcript: Instagram for Real Estate Agents (2021 Edition)

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In this episode, I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite tips for Instagram, for realtors, 2021.

Hey everybody, Katie Lance here, founder and CEO of Katie, Lance consulting, the get social smart Academy and author of the book. Get social smart. It’s episode two 11 of the get social smart show. And today I am excited to share with you what is happening with Instagram in 2021. And there’s a few things that I want to share specifically, if you are in real estate. So first and foremost, there are five big areas of Instagram that you need to know about. And Instagram is growing like leaps and bounds. Instagram has changed quite a bit. So we’ve got Instagram, the Instagram feed, we’ve got Instagram stories, we’ve got Instagram alive, we’ve got Instagram TV. And as of fairly recently, we have Instagram reels. And what we found are that the agents and brokers that are utilizing all five of these areas and really maximizing all of the real estate at Instagram, no pun intended, but the ones who are maximizing all of the real estate are getting the highest return on their investment.

So today I’m going to share with you a few tips for how you can make the most out of Instagram with all those different areas, especially in 2021 and beyond tip number one, consistency counts more than ever before. We know that Instagram really rewards consistent effort. So consistently posting in all of those different areas. Now it doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere every single day, because it can feel like a lot. What I recommend is posting in the feed at least a few times a week. We like to post our videos every Wednesday and Monday, and we’ll also post our podcast content on Friday. So by having that consistent content in Instagram now that gives us a little freedom to post certain things, maybe on the fly or in the moment in between. And we also know that some people are just looking at the feed and they’re not looking at other areas of Instagram.

That being said, we also want to be consistent with our stories, because guess what? There’s a lot of people who are just looking at stories and not paying attention to the feed. So we recommend posting it at least a few times a day with your stories. Remember stories disappear within 24 hours. So this is a great place to take people behind the scenes. Now, when it comes to longer form video, especially like TV or IAG live, um, and then some of the newer, uh, newer things like reels. I like to post a reel if possible, at least once a week reels or one of the newest things that are happening right now, there’s a lot of engagement happening on real. So if possible post once a week or so to two Instagram reels, that’s a small thing that can make a big difference. I GTV is Instagram’s version version, a longer form video.

So if you’re already posting a longer form video on YouTube or Facebook, this is a great place to repurpose that. And with IgG live, we see a lot of agents and brokers who were doing one or two IgG lives per month, either by themselves or they’re bringing on a guest. And then they’re saving that re-purposing that over to Instagram TV at the end of the day, it’s about having a plan being consistent. Number two, get creative and have fun. We have found that the agents and brokers that get the most out of Instagram are really utilizing all of the tools that Instagram that’s available specifically. When you’re looking at Instagram rules, that Instagram stories use the features that Instagram has use the question feature, use the gift feature, uh, use the sticker button, use all of those different features. And I have found that actually by using some of those features that Instagram has built in, you typically will get a higher number of viewers.

And a lot of times they higher level of engagement. And one of the best ways to be creative is over with Instagram reels. And we’ve actually created a couple of videos about Instagram and Instagram reels that we can link below. But Instagram rails is a really fun way to be playful. Of course you can add music now, not everybody on Instagram has music. I realized that, but you can still re really creative when it comes to your content. So CRE creative, how fun I find that being able to kind of show the show, your personality, I can show a little bit of the behind the scenes. Uh, it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously, but have fun with it. Get creative tip number three, create shareable and saveable content. So this is a really important thing when it comes to Instagram. A lot of times, what we see on Instagram for real estate is we see agents just posting their listings.

So don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with posting a beautiful new listing you have, or your open house or your virtual open house, but that’s typically not a piece of content that someone’s going to save or share. So what we want to think about are what are the different types of content in addition to listings that we could share, and that are saveable. So it might be things like educational content. We’re seeing carousel posts, um, be very effective right now. Carousel posts is when you post a number of, uh, pictures or a number of Instagram posts all in a row within your feed, people can swipe through. So maybe you’re creating some content about the three biggest mistakes you see every first-time home buyer make, or the five ways you’re keeping your clients safe during COVID. If you can create a little bit of educational content with a call to action at the end for people to save it, that’s actually a trigger to Instagram that your content should be seen by more and more people.

So we want to think about what type of content are people saving and it’s typically educational or informative content. And then what are people sharing? The things that we tend to share are things like inspirational content, like motivational quotes from time to time. I like to post, you know, maybe a deep thought or something that I’ve been, I’ve been thinking of. And I think a lot of ways that really helps to lend to that relatability factor, right? So educational content, inspirational content. It might even be something funny or in that makes a big difference as well. Tip number four, engage with other people even more so than the amount of time you’re spending posting content. This is really, really important. I’m asked all the time, how do I grow my Instagram? And I will often look at someone’s profile on their posting. They might be really consistent.

Maybe they’re doing reels and stories and all that stuff. But if you are not taking the time to really dig into your feed, you’re missing a big opportunity. Start with focus, five, start with connecting with at least five people a day on Instagram. Don’t be a drive-by liker, but take a few minutes to like comment and interact with people. But then step up your game, spend five or 10 minutes a day, scrolling through your feet, intentionally leaving comments, engaging with people. I would also look at some of the hashtags that you’re using. What are the, the types of folks that you want to engage with in your local community, search up some of those local hashtags and then engage with people who are using those hashtags as well. That engagement makes a huge difference and a little side tip. I find that before I actually post something on Instagram, if I do a little bit of engagement before my post, and then right after I post, I find that it gets a little bump in the newsfeed.

All right. My last tip number five is share your Instagram content outside of Instagram. So if you are putting out an email newsletter, if you are, you know, doing any other kind of marketing, this is a great opportunity to share your Instagram content outside of Instagram, especially over the course of time. I’m very active on Twitter. So from time to time, I’ll share an Instagram post over on Twitter. I’m active on LinkedIn. So from time to time, I might share an Instagram post over on LinkedIn, not every post, not every day, but as we look at our overall social media plan. And by the way, if you haven’t seen our videos on social media planning, make sure you check those out. But as you think about your overall content plan, again, I’m a big believer in working smarter, not just harder, repurpose your content. If you’re using an email newsletter or you’re publishing an email newsletter, one of the things we do each and every week in our Saturday newsletter is wheeling back to one or two of our Instagram posts from the week before.

Again, just a small thing that makes a big difference. All right. I know we’ve covered a lot. Like I said, Instagram is growing like please with leaps and bounds. I definitely think it’s one to watch in 2021. If you’re listening to this thinking, okay, I got to get a handle on my Instagram. I would love for you to download our free instant guide for real estate. Go to Katie, forward slash Insta guide. Put your name and email and we’ll send it to you. It’s a beautiful PDF with tons of examples and ideas to jumpstart your Instagram. Also, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell button. So you get notified, especially if you’re watching over on YouTube and for more tips, tools and strategies, make sure you go to Katie, Follow me on Instagram also. All right, we’ll see you guys next time. Bye for now.


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