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Instagram 101 for Real Estate Agents

#GetSocialSmart Show Episode 217

Are you wondering how you can get started on Instagram if you’re in real estate? In this episode I’m sharing some of my top tips for Instagram beginners.

Tip one: Set up your account. You can either choose a personal, business or creator account. I would recommend you choose either business or creator. If you already have a personal account, you can easily change to a business account. Also be sure to set your account to public so others can find you.

Tip two: Complete your bio. Not only do you want to have a little bit of who you are personally and who you are professionally in your bio, but you also have one active link. I recommend a free tool called LinkTree. What’s great about this tool is it allows you to have multiple links in your bio.

Tip three: Understand the 5 areas of Instagram: Stories, Feed, Reels, IGTV, and IG Live. Instagram Stories are the circles across the top of your screen. Those are updates that are only live for 24 hours. They are a great way to show behind-the-scenes of your days. Your feed is more of your ‘resume’ where you want to post the best of the best. Reels, IGTV and Instagram Live are also great areas to explore as you get more comfortable with Instagram.

Tip four: Develop your content strategy: who, what, where and why. I recommend focusing on two key areas of Instagram – your feed and stories. I suggest posting 2-3 times a week to your feed and daily on your stories. When thinking about content, think about who you are, who you serve, where and why.

Tip five: Connect with clients, friends and colleagues – engage! Once you’ve done all of the above, connecting with other people is the key to growing your Instagram. In your settings, you can check your contacts from your phone and connect with them. You can also search out local businesses to connect with. Then, take a few minutes every day to engage with at least 5 people on Instagram.

If you’re looking for more training and guidance for Instagram download our Instaguide to Instagram here.

I would also love to connect with you on Instagram! You can follow me @katielance on Instagram.

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