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4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

What good is a status update if it’s never read? What does a link matter if there’s no one on your page to see that you’ve posted it?

Let’s face it: your Facebook followers are absolutely crucial when it comes to launching and maintaining a successful page, whether it’s personal or professional. These people are the lifeblood of your endeavor – they’re the ones you want to reach, to connect with and with whom to establish a hearty rapport.

But how to do it?

1. First off, it’s helpful to think of your Facebook page as something you’ve created and are maintaining, much like a house. How would you welcome people to your home? You might offer them a seat, a drink of water or a glass of wine, and generally value them as your guest. It’s a little bit harder to pass that glass of Pinot over the internet (though I’m sure it’s been attempted!), but the sentiment stays the same. Treat your followers the way you’d like to be treated: with respect and interest.

2. Second, if someone takes the time to post on your page, be sure to acknowledge it. Say, for example, you sell vacuum cleaners. If one of your followers, Jane Done, posts on your page that she can’t thank you enough for selling her the best vacuum cleaner in the world because it cleans up after her pet dog, cat and bear so well, don’t just ignore that post. You don’t have to write a huge litany of thank-yous (and in fact, it’s probably better that you don’t), but just gracefully acknowledge her contribution to her page as well as her compliment. Not only is that more likely to make Jane Doe feel good about what she wrote, but it is also more likely to make her a repeat customer – and perhaps even bring some of her friends into the fold as well.

3. Third, take the temperature of your audience now and again by asking questions. They don’t necessarily need to directly relate to your product, but perhaps to the industry on a broader sense. As a real estate agent, for example, you want to understand the mindset of potential clients (and believe me, your Facebook audience definitely counts here), so why not ask them questions such as “What appeals to you in a home?” or even, if you want to get bolder, “What appeals to you in an agent?” Opinion is something that makes Facebook tick – and if you can tap into that in terms of the followers on your page, you may well find a gold mine.

4. Finally, consider giving something away for free. This doesn’t have to be anything huge – it could just be advice. This positions you as an authority, someone who actually takes an interest in the people who populate your page and someone who is willing to offer up something without asking for anything in return. The secret here is that you’re already getting something in return: pairs of eyes and ears focused on you and what you have to say. This is often a crucial step in getting business, so don’t neglect it!

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